Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Concessions and Compromise

The first few days of the new government in Free Luminairre were focused around preparing for troop movements and attempting to arrange agreements with the other powers in the area. Attempts to determine how to resolve the divided Miles Hostiam situation led the current ruling council to come to the conclusion that some concessions were needed to both sides, but that securing the western border remained the biggest concern for the moment. Messages to the rulers of both sides were drafted, and the possibility of recognizing the land claim of Warlord Charon was set into writing.

Negotiations were opened with the black dragons of Trigonum for setting aside the province of Wayreach for the dragons after the threat on Wayreach’s soil had been cleared. No final agreement had been reached before the troops of Ashwick began to make their way westward, into Trigonum.

Numbers for troop distribution had been provisionally decided upon, and the first set of orders had been sent out to the troops loyal to the regency. The lamps necessary for the safe passage of troops in Wayreach were being produced.

Next up, final arrangements for the continuity of government in Phoenix must be determined before the ruling council prepares to take up arms and march on Wayreach and the Source.



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