Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Oasis under Dragon Mountain

From the journal of Takeo Cae’Arytiss Brightleaf the 23rd

Our journeys continue and we plan for the next move. I write this night due to a very surprising event that happened today. While many of the days traveling with Dusan, Wren, Simon, Derek and Malena have been interesting and have had their up moments and their down this day was marked by something almost as wondrous as the opening of Dragon Mountain itself.

The day started simply enough, with a conversation with Lord Demonbane about our next steps. The Lord Knight was playing coy around a subject of some import, namely conversations with the Dragon Council to bring the metallic dragons out into the light and to get their help moving forward. Through this we decided on our course of action. Awakening and gaining the assistance of the Jao Lung, one of the flights of ancient dragons, children of Bahar. While we had some information about them it was not enough, simply a general location. Through research Simon was able to find that there was a staff, held here, in trust by Bronzinger a Hydra created by Ylchia but supposedly loyal to Bahar.

Ylchia, of course she is involved. She brought up a deal to Wren, in an attempt to take out of play a resurrection of Bahar. This plan was vetoed by the group however I have stepped up security around the sanctuary regardless.

It is thought that this Bronzinger is lairing within the mountain to preserve its current state of agelessness. We started a search in the hopes of opening a dialog to retrieve the staff to awaken the Jao Lung and the Tien Lung. We started in the throne room of the old dragon council. While we suspected many things, and many passages what we found simply amazed us. Near the throne of the Jao Lung we found our first passage that lead down through a watery route. Simon and I swam it while the rest of the party were secreted in our bags for the transit. After something of a 10 minute swim in the dark we emerged on the other side of the passage.

We emerged in a pool surrounding and within a very large garden in what appeared to be the sun of midday. Exiting the water and retrieving all of our members we began to look around. The grass was short and tidy, the fountains in perfect working order and the shrubs all immaculately kept. Looking around further explained how this had staid to be in this secluded environment. Kobolds. Many many kobolds. After scaring them with our appearance we took up conversation with them and learned many things. We took a tour of their holdings and normally I would not refer to something underground as such but it is simply amazing. Multiple large chambers, some acres large showed farmed land, and herd animals, sheep, goats and aurochs. We were shoed one of their objects held in high regard, another sphere of annihilation. It was obvious at that point that the kobolds had been locked in here from before the closing of Dragon Mountain those many millennia before.

Possibly more amazing was what we learned after Malena offered healing to any wounded kobolds. The chief of the tribe we had been talking to, apparently one of a dozen or more produced a gold ingot the size of a human fist. When we questioned them further the kobolds revealed that though control of the mines and various resources alternates between the different tribes, his currently held possession of the gold mine. And that there was a silver mine as well. And one of Adamantine. To put it mildly we were shocked.

When asked of Bonzingen the kobolds said that he only appeared when the kobolds were straying and not appeared to them for several generations. We left promising to be back soon. Tomorrow brings more exploration.



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