Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Sanctuary of Animus part vier

The party prepared themselves for the worst, and opened the door into the dragon’s room, waking it up. While we were unable to get a name from it (we were attempting to appease it so it wouldn’t simply attack us) we did answer some basic questions. Things like who we were, where we were going, what our quest was, etc.

In talking with the dragon, we discovered a few important items. First, the dragon was willing to cooperate with us up to a point. It didn’t seem eager to get into a fight with us, but it would not allow us to open the door to the inner sanctum. We did convince it to burrow past the sanctum and into Animus’s library. There we found the directions for creating the elixir needed to heal Duke Ashlane. Unfortunately, the elixir required access to the healing wellspring that Animus had warded in its own separate demiplane, the only portal to which was in the Inner Sanctum.

At this point, we party traveled back to Takatenu. There, Takeo used the Sending Stone to contact Lord Demonbane to ask for his potential help in taking on the Demonlord Ebboleth. He said he was willing to assist, but wanted time to wrap things up in Luminairre before he left. His tone did not convey confidence in his or the party’s ability to subdue Ebboleth.

From there, the party went to meet with the High Priestess of Ankhus (Mirala’ana) in Takatenu. She said she would be able to create a key to the demiplane if we were able to acquire a small piece of someone or something that had been to the demiplane at some point. The party left without making any commitment to an answer, as we recalled that Animus did not want Xethans to have access to the wellspring. Apparently they had plans at some point to use it as a weapon, and Animus highly disapproved.

Afterwards, the party met the Pharoah of Xethis. While the meeting had first been set up as a possibility to gain his help in creating a key to Animus’s wellspring, the party came to the conclusion before the meeting to try to keep the Xethans out of it if at all possible. Dusan instead used the meeting as an opportunity to inform the pharoah about the capabilities of the invading outsiders, and an advisement to keep watch. While the outsiders hadn’t made it to Xethis yet, there was still the possibility that they could.

From there, the party made their way back to Animus’s fortress and spoke to the dragon again. We discovered that it had, in fact, been to the well’s demiplane, and we were able to convince it to give up a scale on two conditions: 1. that we were able to find someone to create the key, and 2. that said key would be immediately returned to the dragon after we got what we needed.

Afterwards, the party headed to Phoenix. The search was on to find someone able to create the key to the wellspring who could be trusted. Oh, and (for some of the party) help where they could in preparation for the coming war.



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