Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Wandering Around, Kicking Our Heels

We Need to Level Before We Can Do Our Stuff

After another day of exploration, the group found the secret entrance leading to the guardian hydra, Bronzinger. He let Takeo plead his case, and asserted that he would need to test our power before giving us the staff. The Elder Evils did not know exactly where the flights of old dragons rested, but had guardians nearby. We would have to defeat the guardians to awaken the flight(s).

We got our asses handed to us, but the existence of divine magic did surprise and somewhat impress the hydra. Bronzinger refused to give us the staff. He was not amused by Takeo’s telling of the Council of Wyrms.

We returned to Cor Draconis, got some (sort of) answers regarding Bahar’s actions if he ever came back; and decided to go look for a person imprisoned by a red dragon about a hundred years ago. Takeo had seen him in a dream from Vidrako, and the hope is that this silver warrior will give us the strength we need to face the Elder Evils.

Fortunately, some of the troops in Cor Draconis had been stationed near the place and were able to give Simon descriptions and a map. The teleport there was…imprecise, and it was discovered that Wren had been taken from the bag of holding in which she was travelling. Eventually the party made it to the valley. Using wind walk to conceal themselves, they scouted the valley.

It did not look good. Watchtowers and narrow, winding paths guarded the valley from the top. Roughly two dozen fire giants, plus trolls bred with fire giants, patrolled the paths, along with Saran foot soldiers. The only bit of good news: the valley floor itself was relatively unguarded, though the exact spot where the man had been imprisoned was buried under rocks.

After wafting back out, the team discussed the next best option. It was decided to approach the Quan-Evan to see if their forces would be willing to aid us in taking the valley. We found one of their leaders, and convinced him that it was a doable feat. He said, however, that he would need some time to get troops and resources together.

At a loss of what to do for another week of waiting, the party decided to return to Trigonum to help in the siege of Redwall. Though costly in lives, the city was taken and the vampires and followers of the Panther defeated. The party debates what to do now, as there are many things that need to happen; several things we’re waiting to have happen, and increasingly little time to accomplish it all.



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