N Construct 3/Blademaster 3


In his natural form, ARIC appears to be a skeletal construct composed of mithral. Twin retractable blades forged of adamantine are set within the arms of ARIC, making him a lethal warrior that is always armed. He has fully functional hands with opposable thumbs, but cannot hold anything in them while the blades are extended. He is relatively short, standing only 5 feet 8 inches.

His body creates a synthetic material that simulates hair, muscle, and flesh that covers the skeletal construct and allows it to pass for human at all times (it grants him a +10 bonus to Disguise checks). The flesh is not living however, and can be damaged and destroyed. Damage to the flesh is merely cosmetic, and neither damages the construct nor causes it to feel pain. The construct regenerates missing or damaged tissue completely after 8 hours of being in “standby” mode. The adamantine blades can still retract and extend from ARIC’s arms while they are covered in flesh without difficulty, but doing so does damage the tissue of the wrists. While this has no effect on his functionality, it can be disturbing.

In his human form, he appears to be a handsome, somewhat rogue-ish figure with blond hair and a thin mustache.

Despite feeling and looking like real flesh, the synthetic material is not living, and cannot be restored by healing magic. Make Whole, on the other hand, restores the material fully.


ARIC (Advanced Robotic Interactive Construct) is an invention of Klintendekkerdor, with some assistance from Vagrius. He was created to assist the mortals in their battle against the Elder Powers.


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