The last honorable Lord of Ashwick


Lord Andin of Ashwick was known by all as a just and merciful ruler. Under Andin, the order of the Knights Crusader regained a strength not seen since the intervention in Tisania. His guidance on the council of Lord Knights in the absence of (then) Princess Lauren Luminairre helped keep the empire from falling into chaos. It is even rumored that Lord Andin himself was responsible for removing the corrupt Chancellor Duvall and his forces, and then leading the knights to break the orc siege of Rozeril.

Sadly, the only action one can condemn Lord Andin for is his nomination for his replacement among the Lord Knights after his resignation. The “Lost Knight” was nowhere near the leader Andin was, and nearly counteracted all the good done by Andin during his reign. When attempts were made to find Lord Andin after the nameless knight was stripped of his titles, he was unable to be reached. Rumors abound that he may have died of grief in the wake of the disaster of Old Din’Garreth.



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