Antesignanis Sentinel William "Will" Wolfson


PCs have not met the replacement Warden yet. All that is known is that he is relatively young and that he is the son of Lord Halt Wolfson.


Despite his relative youth, Will Wolfson is something of a local folk hero in Phoenix and Ashwick. He is known for quick-thinking and creativity, as well as his legendary aim. Will is best known for liberating Arx Lorimar five years ago when it was siezed by a bold and ambitious Baron. He managed to sneak into the fortress with only the support of a roughly-trained and small commoner militia that he organized. He freed Count Rallik Caedarius and brought him to safety.

Currently, Will Wolfson is a member of the Knights Sentinel and will be filling in for Warden Saber Voltarus while he is in Oakmore County.

Antesignanis Sentinel William "Will" Wolfson

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