Baron Negus Darkhome

Just what he sounds like.


Half-elf. Wizard.


Player Bio:

The estranged son of the former Baron Darkhome, who had been away in Larecan supposedly, learning the arcane arts. Has made quite a go of the Barony since his ascent.

Turned out he was on the side of not-good. We fought. He had to go on the run.

Showed up a couple of weeks later in Dale in Alaric Cotin, raising wraiths and trying to get the lost weapon of the Daeni. Took hostages. That ended badly, for everyone. The hostages died but so did he. Thus, no longer on the list. Unless he comes back or something which is, you know, not impossible.

GM Bio:

Baron Negus Darkhome had a difficult childhood from the start. His mother, an elven noblewoman by the name of Yvone Darkhome, died giving birth to him. Negus appeared to be stillborn upon birth, but the old midwife was able to get him breathing.

Yvonne had been the life and joy of Baron Ser Lexor Darkhome, who was a just and honorable Knight. Her loss devastated the Baron, and he never recovered from her loss. He blamed the child for Yvonne’s death and called him a monster. Even going so far as to name the child “Negus”. Baron Lexor descended into the drink and never emerged.

Young Negus was physically and verbally abused by his father, and the young boy learned quickly to stay away from his father. The burden of being accused of killing his mother weighed heavily on the young and remarkably sensitive and vulnerable boy. Negus was raised by the household help, who all felt very sorry for him. But there was little anyone could do to protect the boy. Any servants or staff that stood up to Baron Lexor were dismissed or beaten themselves.

Negus favored his mother in appearance, and by the time the boy turned 6 Baron Lexor could no longer bear the pain of looking at his son. So Lexor sent his son as far away as possible. He sent Negus to Larecan to study magic. While Yvonne did have family in Qual-Evan, and the schools there would have been happy to take in the boy, Lexor believed that famed magical schools of Qual-Evan were too good for the “murderous little bastard.”

Needless to say, Baron Lexor Darkhome lost his paladin powers for his actions towards Lexor and his household staff. Lexor was cast from the Knighthood, and the baron ignored most of his duties in the management of the barony. The castellan of the baron took over, but the barony steadily fell into decline as the baron drank the profits.

Twenty years later, the baron went hunting a wild boar. As usual he was drunk while doing so. He encountered an owlbear while hunting, and the beast ended the baron’s life.

Negus was the only heir of Darkhome, and he was recalled from Larecan. He returned to the barony as a handsome and well-educated young man that was very talented in magic. He buried his father and set about the arduous task of rebuilding the barony.

Negus had never recovered from the abuse of his younger years, and those formative years of being called a murderer, demon, and villain had scarred him for life. He heard these things so many times that he believed them to be true. And so he embraced his calling.

While the people of Luminairre know little about his training, Negus was apprenticed to a powerful Necromancer. Negus learned the arts of controlling the dead. Oddly enough, he found joy in the art. The dead could not care about his past or who he was and he could control them. They would serve, and could not hurt him. He plotted his revenge against his father.

It was easy to play the part of the responsible and good baron. He did indeed work to restore the barony and to win the favor of the nobility of Ashwick. Nondetection spells kept his evil nature hidden. And his good deeds served as the perfect cover while he patiently plotted vengeance against the Knighthood his father and his ancestors had served. Negus blamed the Knighthood for turning a blind eye to the abuse his father inflicted.

Negus kept an eye out for an apprentice, and when he found a boy that was suitable, he arranged the death of the parents with contagion spells. When they died of the disease, the baron took in Dugal and his sister Dara. He corrupted them. Dugal he taught the arts of necromancy. His sister Dara had no arcane skill, but the baron taught her to worship Dyradak to support her brother’s work.

Using his alliances with dark powers, the baron waited patiently for the opportunity to strike. At last, he is ready to lash out and obtain his vengeance……

Baron Negus Darkhome

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