Bedrich Maracek-Tersand

Deceased Knight-Petitioner and Dusan's father.


Bedrich was born as the only child to Baron Drevin Maracek-Ashlight and Baroness Iella Maracek-Tersand. He was a born leader and astute athlete, although a little too hyperactive to pay close attention to everything his governess attempted to teach him.

Despite his problems concentrating, Bedrich was sent to Ashton Priory at the age of eight. He quickly excelled in the swordsmanship instruction, passing his tests at the age of 13. It took another two years, however, for him to catch up in the faith and Code of Light tests. He was sponsored by Knight Rorik Brightshield as a squire, and they were deployed to the city of Westmarch, on the border with the Blood Plains.

Within the year, Bedrich was accepted into the Knights-Petitioner at the age of sixteen. For the next four years he volunteered for the most dangerous missions, seeking glory in action, an act his parents disapproved of. They arranged his marriage to Eliska Terenov-Iannis while Bedrich was away in Palathia. On his return to Ashwick for R&R, he was begrudgingly married to Eliska at Ashton Priory, given Deril Manor as his estate, and forced by his father Drevin to swear to be at home for a minimum of three months out of the year.

Despite his new priorities, Bedrich continued to go off on dangerous missions, leaving the governing of Deril Manor and the politics of Ashwick to Eliska and her family.

Two years after they were married, Dusan was born. Iella, Bedrich’s mother took care of Dusan until her death less than a year after he was born, after which Eliska hired a nanny named Clara to take care of him.

Despite his father’s insistence that his place was in Ashwick or Rozeril, where he would either be with his family or learning the politics of a slowly decaying Rozeril, Bedrich spent as little time at home as he could. Bedrich truly believed his place was with the Knights on the front lines. Exasperated, and still mourning the death of his wife, Iella, Drevin abdicated his position as Baron, granting Bedrich and Eliska the title of Baron/Baroness.

Within three years of his father leaving, and when his son Dusan was eight years old, Bedrich volunteered for a secret assignment from the Lord Knights.

Bedrich never returned. He has been assumed to be dead for the past ten years.

Bedrich Maracek-Tersand

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