Brandy Dameir

Knight Petitioner, Simon's half-sister


Human, Paladin 3, Knight Petitioner 1


Ser Brandy Berta Lothia Stoutwall Dameir is the second child of Lord Mayor Bertrich Dameir of Alaril, Brandy’s mother, Solveig, beloved cousin of the late Duke Valis Stoutwall, died giving birth to her and from the guilt she feels over this, Brandy dedicated herself to protecting life from a very early age, beginning with sheltering her little half-brother Simon from being picked on by their older brother, Collin. It is part of what drove her to become the first Dameir Knight in four generations (the last having been her great-grandfather). She has risen quickly to the rank of Knight and intends to pursue family tradition and join the Knights Cavalier, the order her revered first ancestor Ser Lothian belonged to.

Recently, the newly-minted Knight Petitioner was recruited by the Warden to back-up one of the Priory’s squires in investigating disappearances in the Barony of Brackenwood. She ended up aiding in the battle against a foreign kidnapper and his mysterious Master and helping to rescue both Simon and his cousin Lauren among others.

Brandy Dameir

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