Brenna Aurius

Blind Knight and sponsor of Dusan


Brenna Aurius was born in the city of Brightstone, in the Exalted State of Deonemorum. She became an acolyte of Mirala’ana when she was 15. She passed her swordsmanship trials at the age of 22, and was accepted into the Knighthood of Luminairre. By the time she was 26, she had become a member of the Knights-Hospitaler.

Ser Brenna spent much of her life working with the Knights-Cavalier and Knights-Sentinel on the western border of the Empire, fighting off orc raids from the Blood Plains.

About ten years ago, Ser Brenna was chosen as part of a small strike force that would hit a major cult forming in one of the ruins deep in the Blood Plains, suspected to be an ancient dyriskilssi temple.

As far as is known, the mission was a disaster. Ser Brenna was discovered lying nearly comatose, her eyes brutally wounded, in the outskirts of the plains by a group of Knights-Sentinel two months after the mission had left. She was the only member of the squad ever found. When she finally awoke after a six month coma, she refused to have her eyes healed. It appeared that she didn’t remember much about the mission, only that whatever had happened over there resulted in her desire to stay sightless.

For the next eight years, she stayed at Westmarch, healing the wounded and instructing other young acolytes in the healing arts. After that time, she began making arrangements for her retirement in Ashwick, away from the western border.

She had just arrived in Phoenix and was entering Ashton Priory for the first time when she passed by Dusan Maracek. Seemingly out of nowhere, she volunteered to become his sponsor into the Knighthood. Many of her peers wonder why she is sponsoring a squire with such poor prospects, but she has refused to answer any questions on the topic.

Brenna Aurius

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