Brighton XXVII

Previous Emperor of Luminairre


First son of Argentum Luminairre, Brighton was, like much of the House of Luminairre, a charismatic and wise leader. He was a member of the Knights-Justiciar in the years between the death of his father and his rise to Emperor.

In the seven-year interregnum, as per Luminairrian custom, the Empire was ruled jointly by the Lord Knights and the Chancellor. Chancellor Drusus was a friend of the Knights as well as the Luminairre family, and did much to ready Brighton for his ascendancy to Emperor.

Auspiciously, not long after his 27th birthday, Brighton was made Lord Knight and ascended to the throne as Emperor Brighton, 27th of his name.

He was married to Elessa Goldenshield the year after his rise to power. They had two kids, Lauren and Valorus, three and nine years respectively after their marriage.

He was a wise and respected ruler of the Empire. He was modest, claiming much of his wisest decisions came from the advise of his brother, Daravin, and the Chancellors under his reign, Tiberion and Duvall.

In his 47th year, he lost his wife Elessa. He was not to outlive her long, falling deathly ill in his 50th year. Many believed he would not recover.

Then-Princess Lauren went off to try to meet her Lord Knight trials, while the duties of running the Empire fell to Valorus and Chancellor Duvall.

He technically outlived his son Valorus by a matter of weeks. In the 24th year of his reign, Brighton XXVII passed away.

Brighton XXVII

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