Caiden Brightsoul

Oracle of Mirala'ana (Luminarian Healer)


Caiden has lead a hard life to get where he is. Having grown up in the Dawning House, little is known about his family, but his handicap is quite obvious. He appears to be blind, but not completely.

Despite his handicap, he is more than a capable healer, rivaling even some of the official healers from time to time.

It’s not hard to know that despite being ‘blind’, he sees quite well…at close range. After some time, he’s able to show the party that he sees well within 30’ (and now 60’), but past that is nothing but a wall of glowing blue fog. The only thing that can penetrate it is the light of day or dark of night. Little else is seen.

It doesn’t take long to see that he’s a gifted healer. His knowledge of the body is vast for someone so young. His spells seem just as advanced. He is truly blessed of Mirala’ana. When he informs the rest of the party that he is the Oracle of Mirala’ana, it all becomes clear.

Despite the fact he’s told the importance of being an Oracle, he doesn’t seem to grasp the weight that comes with. He insists that he be allowed to do his work in quiet. Becoming a ‘precious object’ hidden from the world scares him. He refuses to let that happen.

Background Stories:
Caiden’s Entrance Trials
Mirala’ana’s new Oracle

Caiden Brightsoul

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