Cord Dawnstar

Stonefist Dwarf Monk


Crane Style Flowing Stone Dwarf Monk


Master Burdak of the Dawnstar Sanctuary was tasked by the leaders of the Dawnstar temple to head an expedition to gather more information surrounding the signs pointing to western Luminairre and Trigonum. There was seen the start of something greater that could have an impact on the whole of Ondoron. The Master lead a small group of dwarves out and into the wilderness that is the rest of, civilization. They learned much on their way and as a group stayed for 5 years in Trigonum. At that point and with the scales starting to tip, Master Burdak decided it was time to return. On this Cord and Burdak disagreed and Cord was given the option and his election, stay and assist where he could, reporting information back to the temple through a sending stone to Burdak to keep the masters informed.

For the past 6 months Cord has been alone in Trigonum, mostly staying in Cor Draconis, however he recently felt the need to travel up to Messis Amaro. In that time he has traveled between the smaller towns, calming tempers and gathering information. Trying for the most part to stay behind the scenes, not drawing much attention. Stopping any random fights quickly and embarrassingly and then just disappearing off again.

Cord Dawnstar

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