Count Angelo Atretheon


Count Angelo Atretheon is the ruler of Messis Amaro county in the Exalted State of Trigonum. He has served valiantly for many years in the Knights Cavalier order of the Knights of Luminairre.

The Atretheon family has long been powerful in western Luminairre. The family was nearly wiped out fourty years ago during the conflict that has come to be known the Rebellion of Theros. Young Angelo was one of the few members of the Atretheon line that was spared in the conflict, and was a nephew of Count Anduin Atretheon, the last rightful Count of Messis Amaro before the Rebellion and the bloodshed started.

At the conclusion of the hostilities, Angelo was still only a boy of 5 years and far too young to rule. As few Atretheons survived the purge of their House, Duke Danton Ashlane took Angelo in as a ward along with the infant son of one of the heroes of the Rebellion, (a boy named Arthis) and raised them along with his own infant son, Duncan Ashlane.

While Angelo was not related to the other two boys by blood, the three were as close as brothers. Angelo was the eldest of the three “brothers,” and looked out for the other two. He was the most responsible of the three and had a strong talent with numbers and business. His greatest talent, however, was with the training of horses.

Angelo trained at the Dragonheart Priory in Cor Draconis. His younger “brothers” followed him into the Priory and became Knights themselves.

After he formally became a Knight, Duke Danton Ashlane gave Angelo back his rightful seat as Count of Messis Amaro.

On the field of battle, Angelo, Arthis, and Duncan were a powerful force to be reckoned with. Arthis had a keen and tactical mind that led to many brilliant victories, even against overwhelming odds. Duncan was a natural-born leader, inspiring his men and leading from the front wherever the fighting was heaviest. Count Angelo was a good leader and a superior horseman. He led a mounted elite unit of Knights known as The Trigonum Roughriders. The unit was legendary for harrying superior numbers of forces, charging the flanks of orcish hoardes and falling back. The tactic would often lead the orcs into a frenzy and drag portions of their forces this way and that, slowing the process of the greater army and increasing their frustration and anger and making them careless. The Roughriders had an extremely dangerous job, most often behind enemy lines. A single mistake could lead to the entire unit getting trapped and slaughtered by their enraged pursuers. Together, the three became legends throughout Trigonum and western Luminairre.

Count Angelo was injured several years ago in a battle on the Blood Plains. The severe injury makes it difficult for Count Angelo to ride, so he has settled into the administrator role of his title.

Count Angelo has been married for 25 years to a cleric of Rozerus whose life he saved. Together they have two children, teenage Thomas and young Misty.

Count Angelo took the death of Duke Duncan Ashlane very hard. While not brothers in fact, they were in spirit.

Count Angelo has not taken a role in the current troubles of Trigonum. There is speculation that his children have been held for ransom. There is also speculation that he is torn between his loyalty to Count Arthis Blackhammer, his youngest “brother”, and his duty to serve the Knighthood and the Lord Knights. Time will tell which of these reasons is correct, if either of them are…..

Count Angelo Atretheon

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