Count Arthis Blackhammer


Count Arthis Blackhammer is the current military leader of this forsaken land. Count Blackhammer is a decorated war hero and highly respected tactician that has defended his lands for more than 40 years. He dwells in Darkstar Castle, the largest and mightiest fortress and only city within the county. Since the land is incapable of producing its own food, supplies are shipped in steadily from Cor Draconis. The supply line is literally the lifeblood of the people and soldiers of Maris Sanguis.

Count Blackhammer’s mother reportedly died in childbirth. His father was a Knight of Luminairre that was hailed as a hero in the Rebellion of Theros, sacrificing his life to save Duke Danton Ashlane from the wrath of Theros.

Arthis was very young when his father died, and had no other family. At the conclusion of the hostilities in the Rebellion of Theros, Duke Ashlane adopted Arthis to raise him as his own. Arthis grew up with the Duke’s natural son Duncan Ashlane and another ward of the Duke named Angelo Atretheon.

While none of the three were related by blood, they were as close as brothers. Angelo was the eldest of the three “brothers,” and looked out for the other two.

Arthis was always a serious and quiet person, but he also had a gift of wisdom. He could frequently come up with insights that others missed. By the time he had grown to an adult, this trait had made him a brilliant tactical mind.

Arthis trained at the Dragonheart Priory in Cor Draconis. Arthis joined the Knights Cavalier and rose to the ranks of the Knight Officers in that order.

After he formally became a Knight, Duke Danton Ashlane gave Angelo back his rightful seat as Count of Messis Amaro.

On the field of battle, Angelo, Arthis, and Duncan were a powerful force to be reckoned with. Arthis had a keen and tactical mind that led to many brilliant victories, even against overwhelming odds. Duncan was a natural-born leader, inspiring his men and leading from the front wherever the fighting was heaviest. Count Angelo was a good leader and a superior horseman. Together, the three became legends throughout Trigonum and western Luminairre.

Arthis was made a count 20 years ago when the former Count line of Maris Sanguis was exterminated by orcish raiders.

Count Arthis married another Knight, but she died a decade ago. He has lost both his sons, in the Reaving War and the conflict between Qual-Evan and Dalerisen Meltha respectively. His daughter wandered into the Darkling Woods when she was a toddler. Knights Sentinel combed the woods for days, but no sign of her was ever found. It broke the hearts of the Blackhammers when the search was called off and she was declared dead one week later. Count Blackhammer has sacrificed much for the Knighthood. His troops and the Knights under his command love their commander dearly and would follow him to the Gates of Hell itself if he commanded it.

Count Blackhammer was a good friend of Duke Duncan Ashlane. In fact, Count Blackhammer was one of the Duke’s most trusted advisors. Blackhammer had hoped to take on young Tyrin Ashlane as a squire when the boy became old enough, but Lord Octavian Luminairre sabotaged that. Blackhammer does not approve of the job that Lord Octavian is doing or the way that he treated the Ashlane family. He is a strong ally and supporter of Duke Tyrin Ashlane.

Count Blackhammer never forgave Lord Luminairre for the death of Duke Duncan Ashlane, and the two clashed frequently.

Count Blackhammer resigned as a Knight last Lightherald. Duke Ashlane was able to keep the situation relatively calm, however when the Duke disappeared civil war erupted between House Blackhammer and House Adamantus. The Citadel of Martyrs was also reported to be besieged by a combined force of orcs of the Ripskull clan and a flight of black dragons.

Count Blackhammer took control of Cor Draconis and brought in Inquisitor Taio Valerian of the Righted Scales movement to try and end the corruption that was plaguing Trigonum and to restore order.

Count Arthis Blackhammer

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