Count Faltus Ikarius

Male Human Aristocrat 13


Count Faltus is a neatly groomed human in his late 40s. He has dark hair that is starting to show some gray.


Count Faltus Ikarius is the current head of the Ikarius family and ruler of Aurea Mare county in Trigonum. He is married to Ira Ikarius of the Faithguard family of Westmarch.

Count Faltus is a skilled administrator and negotiator, but has never served in the armed forces of Luminairre. His daughter Margaret was recently married to Count Bastion Adamantus of Rubrum Aestus, a popular and powerful Knight.

In addition to his daughter Margaret (who was the third child born to Faltus and Ira), there are three other Ikarius children. The oldest is Gwendolyn. She is in her mid-20s and has been groomed to take over the Countship of Aurea Mare once Faltus passes away. She is dependable and has the same head for business and planning that her father does. Their second-born child is a son named Maximus. Maximus just turned 21, and is a Knight Petitioner serving in Palathia. The youngest of the Ikarius children is Julian, a 9-year-old boy with a wild imagination who worships his brother Maximus and often pretends to be a Knight on a quest with Maximus and Lord Octavian Luminairre.

The capitol city of Aurea Mare, Aurenia, is currently under siege by the combined forces of Count Blackhammer and the Righted Scales for ignoring the High Inquisitor’s order to stop sending aid to Count and Countess Adamantus.

Count Faltus Ikarius

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