Countess Illistra Briartame

Human Female Aristocrat/Rogue


Illistra Briartame is an attractive, beautiful woman who is full of ambition and cunning.


Illistra Briartame is the head of her House and is the ruler of Maledictus Petram County in Trigonum. She rules from the city of Redwall, the county seat and the center of power in the county.

The Briartame family has always had a knack for finding opportunity and proverbially transmuting copper into gold. When the founder of the House, Alduin Briartame, maneuvered his way into the countship nearly three hundred years ago, Maledictus Petram was a wasteland with extremely little resources and only a scattered population that focused on a few mines of iron and precious metal. Count Alduin discovered the blood crystal deposits in the area that had been overlooked and he and his descendents carefully cultivated the industry and transformed the poorest and most overlooked county in the Exalted State of Trigonum into a booming industry. The blood crystal mines have been owned by the Briartame family for generations, though some are leased to the barons of Maledictus Petram.

Illistra is well-known as an opportunist and a savvy businesswoman. She has a head for numbers and has overseen the accumulation of record profits the past twenty years. Countess Illistra is also referred to as the “Crystal Countess”, though never in her presence. She has a reputation as being as hard and deadly as the crystals mined in her territory. There has been a record turnover of barons and baronesses during her reign, many of which are rumored to have fallen due to her machinations. She is a strong believer in the concept of survival of the most fit, and she follows her family words closely: “Never Complacent”.

The family crest of the Briartames is a shield with a blue background held up by two foxes. Atop the shield is a golden crown that has a vine of thorns wound around it. The shield is split in half by a diagonal white line, with a red crystal on one side and an owl of gray on the other.

Countess Illistra has been married three times. Her first husband died young, her second marriage ended in divorce, and her third husband was arrested, tried, and executed for trying to steal her mines. Illistra had three children, two of which have survived to adulthood and constantly vie for their mother’s affection and the eventual control of the county.

Countess Illistra Briartame

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