Duke Tyrin Ashlane, Onyxbane

Male Human Duke of Trigonum


Tyrin Ashlane is the current Duke of the Exalted State of Trigonum. He was appointed to the position after the death of his father, Duke Duncan Ashlane, nearly two years ago. Tyrin was a talented swordsman, but also possessed some talent in the arcane arts. He received training in blending swordplay and wizardry from a renowned mage from Davinguard. Everyone in Trigonum knew that young Tyrin and Laurenia Luminairre were in love. It was partially this fact, and the fact that Tyrin was a potential threat to Lord Octavian that the young man was denied entry into the Knighthood and sent away for part of his youth to wizarding school.

Tyrin’s dislike of Lord Octavian is well known, as is the fact that the hate is reciprocated by the ruler of Trigonum. It is said that Tyrin lacked the patience and dedication required to become a paladin like his father. While Tyrin has spent a remarkable amount of time adventuring, he has always done so with the best intentions despite his lack of paladin training. He and his friends spent a lot of time questing into the Blood Plains, slaying hundreds of evil creatures and several black dragons during his young adult life.

After the death of Duke Duncan, Tyrin has been forced to grow up and take on the responsibilities of the realm. Trigonum’s proximity to the Blood Plains makes much of the land infertile, and there are always hordes of evil beasts raiding the state and testing the defenses of the defenders. Fate seems to have conspired against the young Duke. Shortly after he rose to the office, a mysterious and violent cult dedicated to panther worship took root in the Exalted State.

Duke Tyrin Ashlane went missing on Sunreign 7th of the current year. His fate remains unknown.

Duke Tyrin Ashlane, Onyxbane

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