Treasonous Chancellor


During the reign of Emperor Brighton XXVII, he became quite ill. There was a struggle between the major branches of authority, the servants of the House of Luminairre and the Council of the Lord Knights. Then-Princess Lauren was sent off to complete her quest to become a Lord Knight, but disappeared during the mission. To top things off, the current Chancellor, Tiberion, was assassinated.

At the height of the chaos that threatened to overwhelm the city, the Emperor’s brother, Daravin Luminairre, declared that one of the Emperor’s closest advisers would act as Chancellor and regent to the Prince, Valorus, until the situation had been resolved. That man was Duvall, a long-time servant of the House of Luminairre and a close friend of the Prince. While he swiftly brought Rozeril under control, just as things were beginning to look up, Prince Valorus was assassinated.

Duvall all but openly blamed the Knights of Luminairre for the death of the Prince, since it was well known that Valorus thought the Knights were an outdated relic, and that the Knights openly supported Lauren as the heir. He ordered the Knights of Luminairre disbanded, instead bringing in his own troops to keep Rozeril secure. As the orc siege of Rozeril reached its height, a band of adventurers uncovered the fact that Duvall was a servant of the Dark Watchers. A strike force, led by Lord Andin, removed Duvall from the palace and killing his closest followers, including Daravin Luminairre and Thomas Crownguard.


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