Emperor Dracnus

The Chosen Blade of Jagdar and Emperor Supreme of the Dark Elves.


Dracnus is tall and well built and appears to be in the prime physical years of his life despite the fact that he has been alive for thousands of years. His eyes appear to be orbs of molten magma. Like all dark elves, his skin is black. His flesh is as hard as obsidian however. His hair is cut short and is silver white. Dracnus possesses a voice that carries well, whether it is across a loud battlefield or a crowded throne room.


There are many legends about where Dracnus came from. Some stories claim he is the son of Jagdar and a dark elven cleric. Other legends tell that he was an orphan that found refuge in a temple of Jagdar, or even that he had no parents at all. Still other legends state that he was a direct descendant of Arcandovar himself.

What is known about Dracnus is that he has always had an unshakable faith in Jagdar and a natural combat talent. He distinguished himself early as a soldier and drew the attention of Jagdar himself. As a young man he rose quickly through the ranks and accomplished the unthinkable. He united the scattered and warring clans of the dark elves together under his banner and with the strength of his sword arm and the power of his personality. Jagdar looked upon the young warrior with favor. Jagdar swore loyalty to the Watcher of War and received an unprecedented gift; divine magic. Dracnus is known as the first cleric in the world’s history.

Following the voice of Jagdar, Dracnus traveled into the wastes of the Arridian Expanse and broke into Hell. For days he battled his way through legions of demons and suffered terrible wounds in his attempts to find Jagdar. According to legend, he passed the tests that Jagdar put before him. In reward for his unwavering faith and loyalty, Dracnus was given great power. He forged a sword with the aid of Jagdar himself in the Hellforge. And when he left Hell, he and the clerics he had trained shattered the gates open. He led armies of demons into Ondoron. Thus did the Demon War begin.

Dracnus led his forces in the conquest of most of known Ondoron. Only the sacrifice of the great warmage Ral’Tandrack stopped Dracnus, imprisoning his soul in a gem. Without the leadership of Dracnus, the forces of evil fell apart. The demons were driven back into Hell or vanquished. And the feuds between the dark elves broke out into civil war once more without the strength of Dracnus to hold them together.

The gem that contained the soul of Dracnus was guarded by various organizations for thousands of years. Slightly over 120 years ago, the dark elves recovered the gem and shattered it. But the sundering of the gem was interrupted by a band of heroes and a segment of Dracnus’s essence was broken off, binding to a member of the Brotherhood of the Dragon that interfered. Dracnus was unable to fully re-enter his body.

Even without his full powers, Dracnus proved to be a formidable opponent. He battled and killed Solinus, the archseraphim of Lunarus, when he attempted to delay Dracnus’s quest to fully regain his body.

A year later, Dracnus allied his forces with the other powers of Ondoron to battle against a foreign god none as Varnig. A terrible battle was fought, and Varnig was banished from Ondoron forever. In reward for aiding, Dracnus was fully restored to his body in exchange for a hundred years of peace.

Unexpectedly, Dracnus has not begun a new campaign of conquest. Even after two seperate events in which the forces of Light have breached the terms of peace, Dracnus has always restored peace. The only hostile takeover he has done in the past 20 years was the conquest of what was formerly Northern Palathia. It was in these battles that he killed the vampire usurper Anthony Turalyon that was plotting on betraying Dracnus to the Luminairrians. Dracnus claimed northern Palathia in compensation. Empress Lauren Luminairre led a small force of Lord Knights and Knights against Dracnus and his Doomguard. Empress Lauren Luminairre and Lord Knight Albus Kingswood were slain in battle and the other Lord Knights were forced to retreat. Once northern Palathia was secured, Dracnus stopped the advance of his forces and negotiated for peace once more.

Despite his reputation as a brilliant tactician, a powerful and bloodthirsty warrior, and the Chosen Blade of Jagdar, Dracnus has shown little interest in world domination to date. Some people are even beginning to wonder if perhaps the tales of Dracnus and the horrors of the Demon War may have been partially false.

Dracnus has made many contributions to the world of Ondoron and to his people. The following things are attributed to Emperor Dracnus:

-Creation of the Orders of Battle
-Bringing clerical magic into the world
-Foundation of the Doomguard
-Creation of the Iron Heart martial discipline
-Numerous tactics and principles of warfare
-The creation of jagdite

Emperor Dracnus

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