General Jezal

Undead Knight with a talent for Coming Back


Grave Knight, a martial equivalent to a Lich.


A mercenary Death Knight commander for the Dread Lords of Old Din’Gorreth, the unfortunately and hilariously named General Jezal was originally in charge of guarding Saltmourne Keep, where the Crystal Sword of Not-Deadedness (not its real name) was being kept.

Although he slapped the party around pretty hard working for it, he still failed and the adventurers killed him and took his stuff. Mostly his armor. And the crystal sword.

However, being undead, merely getting his ass killed was not really what you’d call a career-ending injury. Prince Rashid had his people steal back the General’s armor so he could “pull himself together”. He then proceeded to nearly slay the Duchess and spearheaded the capture of Derek Crownguard and Will Wolfson, necessitating the party to suicidally rush after him to rescue them. Showed an unhealthy interest in Derek. At Revenant Keep, he was given command of the first wave of Rashid’s undead minions and do what he does best.

Which apparently was get slapped around by the party. Again.

THIS time his armor was given to the temple of Lunarus to destroy.. so he damn well BETTER be gone.

General Jezal

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