General Thomas Crownguard


The Crownguard family has been a major name in the Luminairre Empire since the foundation of the Luminairre Empire. Only the Luminairre family boasts more Lord Knights than the Crownguards. The Crownguard family also founded the Order of Knights Defender, and the first Lord Knight of the Order was a Crownguard. The Crownguards held considerable power. There have been many Crownguard Chancellors, and the Crownguards once held a County in Rozeril. The Luminairres have always been close to the Crownguards, and there have been marriages between the two families multiple times through the history of the Empire. The Crownguards have Luminairre blood flowing through their veins.

That all changed with Thomas Crownguard. His older brother, Maximus, was a Knight Defender when Thomas entered the Rozeril priory to begin training as a Knight. With his name and family reputation, he had no trouble finding a sponsor. However, during his training, it became apparent that Thomas did not have the qualities to be a good Knight. While he was a gifted tactician, he had a temper that he could not control, and could be vindictive to the point of cruelty. Thomas brought shame to his family when he failed his Knights Trial for acceptance into Knight Petitioner.

Thomas was angry with his dismissal by the Knights, and felt he had been robbed of his birthright. Following the un-subtle hint from his father, Thomas left Luminairre and obtained work as a sell-sword for over a decade. Then he met a man named Duval that changed his life forever.

Thomas returned to Luminairre with Duval, serving as the future Chancellor’s bodyguard. Thomas got his revenge upon Luminairre when Duval disbanded the Knighthood. Thomas was named General and placed in charge of the mercenaries and conscripted troops that replaced the Knighthood.

Thomas died the first time in the Battle of Rozeril. The orcs had besieged the city, and Thomas and a few of his guards were opening a secret passage beneath the Palace of Light to allow the orcs to bypass the city’s defenses. A band of heroes engaged him and killed him. For his betrayal, Thomas was cursed to unlife and denied the peace of death. He became a death knight.

He was eventually found by the lich Mediv, who used Thomas’s anger at one of the heroes that defeated him (the young Knight Ementov The “Lost Knight”before his fall) to recruit him. With the aid of Thomas, Mediv brought the young Knight to his knees and corrupted him.

Thomas was betrayed by Mediv, who allowed his new servant to kill him and take his place. This time, Thomas did not return from death.

The Crownguard family was deeply shamed by the betrayal of Thomas. Maximus Crownguard resigned as a Knight and retired to country life. Much of the Crownguard influence waned. Some Crownguards left Luminairre in shame over the crimes of Thomas. Though the Crownguards are of Luminairre blood, it was decreed by Lauren III during her rule that no Crownguard could claim the throne until the Lord Knights, by majority decision, ruled that the Crownguard family had redeemed themselves for the epic crimes of Thomas Crownguard.

General Thomas Crownguard

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