Lord Halt Wolfson

Lord Knight of Knights Sentinel, Human Lord of Ashwick


Halt Wolfson, Lord Knight of Ashwick, is a member of the Knights Sentinel.

Lord Wolfson has a reputation that is legendary among the Knights and the common people. Most people believe he is a giant of a man with the strength of a bear. In reality, however, Lord Wolfson is short and lean. Despite his small stature, he does have strong, toned arms from training for years with the composite longbow. He has a bushy black beard that has become streaked with gray and dark eyes that are steady and unwavering.

Lord Wolfson comes across as stern and serious, and he can seem grim, pitiless, and ruthless toward his enemies. Unlike most Knights, he is extremely intimidating, and few enemies are willing to try and call the Lord Knight’s bluff. For those that know him personally though, Lord Wolfson has a very sarcastic sense of humor and has a very kind side. He is known to be stubborn and is good at hiding his emotions from others.

His son, Will Wolfson has followed him into the Knights Sentinel and has been making quite the name for himself and is being groomed for responsibility.

Lord Halt Wolfson

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