Bounty Hunter


An athletic sereldai (elf-blooded human), Kaspar tends to wear large, concealing clothing. His weapon of choice seems to vary from minute to minute, but he does wear a bandoleer full of daggers that can barely be seen under his duster and cloak.

He is now quite dead, with no corpse left behind. His equipment, and most importantly, the journal remains behind.


Kaspar has acquired a reputation for being a flirt, a compulsive gambler, and an unforgiving nemesis to pickpockets, thieves, and smugglers. Rather than actively look for bounties, Kaspar will often simply enter a town, pick a couple of the worst establishments he can find, and wreak havoc on any pickpockets and thugs he finds until he is offered work by the local constabulary.

He can often be found by following the trail of broken bones and empty rum bottles he leaves in his wake.


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