Arlessa Ameila Evershield, Knight of the Hospitalers


Arlessa Ameila Evershield was a strong and respected Knight of the order of the Hospitalers. She served for many years but felt a calling to support the Dawning House. 30 years ago, she left her position of Lady to care and raise the children of the orphanage.

Her Lord husband had past in battle some years prior, and the two never bore children. The manor seemed empty despite the servants and nobles that frequented it. Little else pleased her outside of her work. When she heard of the Matron position, her mind changed. She could finally have a family that her and her husband wanted.

To show her passion for this new endeavor, Lady Ameila sold her entire estate and donated it to the Dawning House. This was a fairly large sum, but it helped to make the home even more welcoming.

To this day, she has run the house with all the love and care of a true mother. As the patron Mother, she works hands on with the children. Teaching, cleaning, feeding, and whatever else is needed. Obviously with the number of children she can’t be everywhere, but she tries to ensure all the children are cared for by her personally at some point or another.

The years have spanned since she opened the house and her health is starting to fail. She knows she has little time left so she is now looking for a replacement. One that will continue her legacy.

Arlessa Ameila Evershield, Knight of the Hospitalers

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