Lady Callista Splitshield

Female Half Elf Lady Defender of Miles Hostiam, Lady of Sangunem Moenia,


Lady Splitshield is one of the toughest Knights in the order. She earned her Ladyship by stopping an assassination attempt on Lady Sara Sunblade. Weretiger assassins sent by her former master attacked Lady Sara in her bedchamber while she slept. Ser Splitshield suffered bite, claw, spear, sword, and crossbow bolt wounds, some of which had been poisoned, but she survived the ordeal and held the assassins off long enough for aid to arrive. Her unwavering courage and exceptional skill, as well as her use of tactics during the fray was more than enough to catch the eye of those in power.

Lady Splitshield is relatively young for a half-elf, but she seems far older. Miles Hostiam is a tough place to serve, with constant raids and attacks by orcs and other things far less pleasant.

Lady Splitshield is a very skilled warrior and exceptionally tough. She is highly skilled in tactics, which has become especially important in these days when Knighthood resources are spread thin. She is well-loved by her troops, but she is known as the “Frost Knight” among most of her male subordinates. Never to her face, however. As a half elf, she is naturally disposed to navigating social encounters, however, she is far more at home on the field of battle or at least when encased in armor.

Sanguinem Moenia recently fell under siege by a large assault force from the Blood Plains, which is keeping Lady Splitshield and her forces very busy.

Lady Callista Splitshield

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