Lady Mara Aurellius

Female Human Lady Cavalier of Campisaurea, Lady of Donum


Lady Mara Aurellius is the great-great granddaughter of Ser Marcus Aurellius, who was a hero of the Blood War in Palathia and was a sworn sword to Ser Baron Lothian Dameir.

Lady Mara has an older brother and a younger sister. Her eldest brother is Baron Antony Aurellius of Alaric Cotin County in the Exalted State of Ashwick, and maintains the familial oath of service to House Dameir. Lady Mara’s younger sister married a baron in Album Corva.

The early years of Lady Mara’s life were spent growing up on the family estate in Ashwick, and she trained in Ashton Priory. She has traveled extensively for the Knighthood, serving in the fronts of Blood Plains, Palathia, and New Din’Garreth during the Reaving War.

Currently, Lady Mara is serving in Palathia and training cavalry units. After the fall of what was once northern Palathia (and is now called Tyraloch and under the dominion of Emperor Dracnus) and the subsequent loss of both Spear’s End and the famed Palathian Warcollege, southern Palathia has needed all of the help and training it can get.

Lady Mara Aurellius’s horse is her pride and joy. It is a white stallion named “Sugar”. More than one Knight has raised his or her eyebrows at the somewhat childish name, but neither Mara nor Sugar seem to care. Indeed the horse does have a sweet disposition most of the time (except when in combat or when his rider is threatened), and the horse is exceptionally fond of sweet things. Lady Aurellius makes sure that she rides her horse at least once per day to give them both exercise, and the Lady of Campisaurea finds that the ride helps to clear her mind. She makes sure that her horse does not get lazy or fat and stays one of the swiftest mounts in the Knighthood, but she does dote on her horse somewhat.

Lady Mara mostly ignores the debate over who should fill the White Throne of Luminairre. She believes that when the time is right, the true Emperor shall emerge carrying the Empress’s Blessing.

Lady Mara Aurellius was excited to hear that one of Bertrich Dameir‘s children, young Brandy Dameir, successfully completed her training at Ashton Priory and is now a full Knight. Lady Mara has kept quiet tabs on her training, and has petitioned to have Ser Brandy transferred to Palathia to serve under Lady Mara’s command.

Lady Mara Aurellius

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