Lady Regina Oakshield


Lady Regina Oakshield is the daughter of the elven princess Aeomela Ellisidar and former Lord Knight of Luminairre Vandar Oakshield. Regina’s father served for a time in Qual-Evan, where he met Aeomela at a royal ball. The union of the Lord Knight and King Elissidar’s youngest daughter was hailed as a means of expanding the friendship between Luminairre and Qual-Evan.

Regina Oakshield divided her time between Luminairre and Qual-Evan as she grew up. She attended some of the finest elven academies on magic and warfare and performed exceptionally well. Lady Oakshield’s political heritage made her very familiar with the workings of royalty and nobility. As such, she is one of the most skilled diplomats in the Knighthood. Her father taught her the meaning of honor and courage, and she was admitted into Silver Priory at a very young age.

Regina’s father died in the early days of the Evan-Melthia war. Regina was nominated to succeed him on the Council of Lord Knights and easily won her current position.

Regina is a master of combining her blade and her magic, and she is often consulted on any kind of magical threat or power that manifests against Luminairre.

Since the start of Qual-Evan’s war with the Dalerisen Meltha, Lady Oakshield has been a loyal and steadfast partner in fighting off the dalerian incursions. The Lady now spends most of her time defending Qual-Evan and serving as the primary diplomatic contact with Qual-Evan. She is currently stationed somewhere in the elven homeland and continues to battle tirelessly to defend her mother’s homeland.

Lady Oakshield is well-liked in the Empire, in Qual-Evan, and in Davinguard. She is kept extremely busy and is often consulted on political and magical affairs within the Empire, Larecan, Davinguard, and Qual-Evan.


Lady Regina Oakshield

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