Lady Sara Sunblade

Aeldri Lord Knight of Knights Lumina, Lady of Lux Culmenos


Lady Sara Sunblade has had a more difficult life than most of the paladins. Sara was born as the youngest daughter in the powerful Sunblade family. Her father, Tythos Sunblade, was Duke of Lux Culmenos and the leader of the Imperial Iron Guild. When Sara was only 8, she begged her father to allow her to go on a diplomatic mission with her older brother Justice. Duke Tythos at last agreed.

The sea voyage was fantasically fun. At least until their ship was attacked by skorin raiders. While the men-at-arms aboard fought bravely, they were overwhelmed by the raiders. The skorin captured Sara and her wounded brother and many of the sailors. They were taken to the frozen wastelands of Skorin. Her brother was kept there as a slave, but she was shipped off to Beldaria. She was sold into slavery the first time, then was sold in the slave pits to one of the pleasure houses of Beldaria.

Despite her dire circumstances and slave existence, Sara remained strong willed and never gave up hope of returning home. She grew ever more beautiful as she grew older, and eventually her reputation of both beauty and defiance reached the ears of powerful people. The Tiger Sultan himself came to see her. He was enchanted by her beauty, and purchased her to add to his own harem.

As a consort of the Tiger Sultan, new worlds were opened up to Sara. There in the Tiger Palace, she was given access to weapon training. One of the Tiger Sultan’s other wives was a cleric of Lunarus. Dara took the young girl under her wing. She talked to Sara and taught her the faith of Lunarus and gave her something else to believe in.

As her skill continued to grow, she was allowed into the elite guard of the Tiger Sultan, and became known as the Tigress. She refused to harm innocents, for which she was sometimes beaten by her husband’s guards. But she would take the field against evil men or criminals that needed to be punished. She did this not for her husband’s pleasure or gain, but because it was the only way to strike out at the forces of evil that she had.

Eventually, she and Dara started an underground movement to free slaves and smuggle them out of Beldaria. Using their resources as wives of the Tiger Sultan, they were successful in smuggling hundreds of slaves out of Beldaria and into Richland. Eventually, they were discovered. Dara was killed, but the Tigress Sara was able to fight her way free and escape.

Sara used the contacts she had and managed to smuggle herself into Richland, though she was more dead than alive when she did. As fortune would have it, she managed to make it to a temple of Lunarus just over the border of Beldaria that she and Dara had used to smuggle slaves out of the country. Acting quickly, the clerics of Lunarus there sent her to the ambassador for Luminairre. The price was high, though. The Tiger Sultan’s men tracked the Tigress to the temple of Lunarus. Despite the fact that it was on Richland soil, his elite weretiger troops destroyed the temple, murdered all of the priests they found there, and left no witnesses. The Tiger Sultan left a strong message for those that would defy him, but was also able to disavow all knowledge of what had happened.

Once Sara was once again conscious, the ambassador of Luminairre listened to her story in wonder. He arranged for teleportation back to Lux Culmenos, and sent word to River Auria that she was found alive and well to her family.

Her arrival in River Auria was a joyous occasion. She was reunited with her family, and the people of Lux Culmenos threw a three-day celebration upon her return. After she settled in and reaccustomed herself to her life of freedom, she spent a day in prayer. To her father’s dismay, her prayer time led her to make a decision to join the Knighthood. She also took a vow of chastity, marrying herself only to her duty to Lunarus and to becoming a servant of the people of the Empire.

Though she entered training at the River Auria Priory in her early 30s, she already had a great deal of skill in arms and an understanding of religion. Within a year, she was Knighted. She served in the Knights Petitioner a short time before joining the Knights Lumina.

Lady Sara is a champion of freedom and human rights. She is a tireless foe of slavery. She rose to the rank of Lord Knight in the Knights Lumina after the death of Lord Uther Sunspear in the opening Battle of Saltmourne at the beginning of the Reaving War 13 years ago.

Lady Sara is beloved by her people, and the people of Lux Culmenos have enjoyed a great deal of prosperity under her leadership.

Lady Sara Sunblade

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