Lady Viola the Gentle

Lord Knight of Knights Hospitaler, Female Aeldri Lady of Amnis Argenti


Lady Viola is an inspirational leader in Luminairre and the Knighthood. Unlike many other Lord Knights, Viola is of common birth. Her parents were commoners that were killed in an orcish raid of their hometown in Sanguinem Moenia. Viola’s mother was able to hide her baby in the woods, and then left the child to lead the orcish raiders away from the hiding place. Lady Viola was found hours later when a Knight Sentinel that came to survey the ruined villiage heard her crying. Viola was raised in an orphanage run by the church of Mirala’ana. She was always a gentle and friendly child with strong faith and a healer’s touch, and she was friendly to everyone.

Viola’s passion was to be a Knight. When she was old enough, she asked the Mother for her blessing to train as a Knight. Mother Arina agreed, and came up with the funds to send Viola to Animi Priory. Viola was rapidly accepted as a squire by a Knight Hospitaler under the recommendation of Mother Arina. Viola learned quickly, and turned out to be a talented healer and a valiant Knight. Strong of virtue and an outspoken defender of the weak and the common folk, Viola is also blessed with wisdom and patience. Viola is one of the greatest diplomats on the Council of Lord Knights, and one of the most loved by the common people.

Lady Viola was not given a Lord Knight’s Blade when she was elevated to the title of Lord Knight. The Blade that should belong to her is in the possession of Emperor Dracnus. Viola has never complained about not having the symbol of her office.

Lady Viola the Gentle

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