Lauren III

The last Empress of Luminairre


Lauren was the eldest child of Empress Elessa and Emperor Brighton, 27th of his name. Unlike her younger brother, Valorus, she was very athletic, and took to her early sword training well. Both her father and Lord Knight Andin advocated extra training for her early on, and she took to unarmed combat just as well as she had taken to sword training.

By her 14th year she had passed her swordsmanship tests and was taken as a squire within the Knighthood. She quickly graduates to a Knight-Petitioner, and then a Knight-Cavalier. She quickly gained recognition as a skilled warrior and capable leader in skirmishes against the orcs of the Blood Plains, who had been organizing and carrying out successful raids in the states of Trigonem and Miles Hostiam. During this time, she realized her true calling was with the Knights-Crusader. Her leadership in organizing the defense of the units of Westmarch earned her the title of Knight-Officer at the young age of twenty.

There was little doubt among the people of Luminairre who the Knights favored as the successor to Brighton XXVII, a matter that caused no small amount of hostility between Lauren and Valorus. The Lord Knights, especially Ser Andin, were quick to send her off on her final quest to become a Lord Knight, especially in the wake of the Emperor’s growing illness. Valorus and Duvall became regents of the Empire until her seemingly-inevitable triumphant return.

Unfortunately, she never made it. Agents of “The Master”, who had been organizing the orc armies, captured Lauren and held her prisoner. She was unaware of the events surrounding her brother’s and father’s death, and the dissolution of the Knighthood. When her captor began to fear discovery, she was sent off to be held prisoner in a tower in the accursed land of [[Old Din’Garreth]], until her release by a very unlikely servant of her new captor.

Lauren returned to a weary Empire that was preparing for war. She was made Lord Knight and crowned Empress Lauren, third of her name.

Within the first year of her rule, the crusade against [[Old Din’Garreth]] was shattered, and she was all but forced to sign the Treaty of a Hundred-Year Peace with the newly-returned Emperor Dracnus of Jagdanachtarsil, in order to defeat the alien-god Varnig.

Much of her rule was spent meeting with the various leaders of Ondoron in an attempt to form an alliance in the coming war with Dracnus, and mobilizing the economy of Luminairre for what she feared might be a second Demon War. Diplomacy, however, was something she did not have the patience for. Many of the nations she was trying to build a military alliance with thought that Dracnus could be negotiated with, a stance that led to no end of frustration on her part.

In the 41st year of her reign, events at the Tournament of the Sapphire Emperor led to the breaking of the Treaty of a Hundred-Year Peace. Palathia became the first front line in the war, and Lauren quickly deployed the Knights there. At the Battle of the Broken Spear, outside the ruined capital city of Spear’s End in Palathia, Empress Lauren and four Lord Knights confronted Dracnus and his close lieutenants. There, at the age of 61, Lauren died at the hands of Dracnus himself.

Lauren III

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