Lauren (Wren) Aureliana Brightguard

The Wild Card


Lauren is short (5’1") and slight (100 llbs). She has short dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. While she’s small she is also quick and strong (built like a gymnast). When she smiles it reveals a dimple on the right side. When things are very serious she wears a carefully neutral, diplomatic expression.


Lauren (who prefers to be called Wren) is the daughter of Lord Templar Aquilinus Brightguard and High Prophetess Moira Brightguard of Albalara. Lauren’s older brothers Matthias and Aquila, died as children. Recently it has come to light that Aquila was manipulated into making a deal with a demon so that he would die when Lauren was supposed to. This deal was arranged so that Lauren could live outside of the constraints of destiny – making her capable of changing it.

Lauren has trained to be a knight since just after Aquila’s death. Despite her struggles in training and her size, Lauren has doggedly pursued the knighthood. When she recently began to show an interest in things outside of training her father confronted her and then arranged for her to continue her training in Ashwick. He sent her (under armed guard) to the priory there. On that journey she was kidnapped by Prince Rashid and her escorts (Shieldsworn, Trannyth, Wolfswift and Wolfswift) were killed.

After her escape, she arrived in Phoenix and the Warden put her into the field. At first there was speculation that she would become a bard, but her combat skill quickly began to improve. During a mysterious assassination attempt she suddenly exhibited Paladin abilities. Shortly thereafter, one of her father’s men, and a close family friend, Ser Helion Titus, agreed to be her sponsor, making her a Squire. She passed her Trials of Knighthood on Sunreign 1 in Phoenix and became a Knight Petitioner. Wren served as a knight for just over a month before she was told by the Watchers Klinendekkerdor and Agaltha that she was never meant to be a knight.

So a choice must be made, leave the knighthood and fulfill her destiny as the Game Changer (facing the Elder Gods and hopefully preventing Klint from having to nuke the world) or remain a knight and live with the consequences (there are others who could take her place, but their chances are not as good). Faced with the possibility that a majority of life on Ondoron could be lost, Wren resigned from the Knighthood. The personal cost of this decision will be very great, but she vowed to stand between danger and the innocent.

Wren has begun the training recommended so that she can better face the Elder Gods. She was also given an item of legend, Bratirion the Stormbow and is becoming acquainted with it. Much has changed for Wren in a short time. Despite all the turmoil in her life she seems to be at peace with her decision… it may even have given her greater strength and helped her claim her own place in the world. Time will tell.

…then again she might meet with her father and get turned over to the Red Friars… so now she’s a fugitive. Which means she has to travel in disguise. So now nothing is easy.

“Just because you don’t wear a colored tabard does not mean you are not a Knight. What people do not see is that you are making the greatest sacrifices to serve those around you. Using your strength to defend the innocent from something they cannot face. Without expectation of reward or acclaim. That is what makes you a Knight. Not a colored piece of cloth.”

Lauren (Wren) Aureliana Brightguard

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