Liryc Darkeyes

Lyric is tall, slender, and pale. He has shaggy black hair and dark brown eyes. His features are delicate.


Liryc Darkeyes was born Norget Uthador. His father worked the fields for a low level baron and his mother was a servant in the kitchens. Seeing the desperate poverty that awaited him he ran away at the age of 9 to the big city. At first he thought he would become a thief, but he had a heavy hand and after several close calls he took up begging. Quickly he learned the best place to beg was in the theater district. The nobles had money to spare and were always in a good mood when they left the theater. His location also gave him access to free concerts if he propped the stage doors open and sat in the alleys.

Over the years he managed to finesse his way inside. He pretended to be a backstage hand, until one day they were paying him to work backstage. By the time he was 15 he was well paid and well established as a theater worker. Slowly he worked his way on stage in the background crowd scenes.

Over the years his name changed several times. Then he began to write songs and they began to call him Lyric. The name stuck, though the spelling became more artistic. He charmed actors and actresses so they would teach him about acting. He flattered the bards so they would give him advice on singing and playing music. Eventually he found his way to The Refrain and made his mark among the young female clientele.

Liryc is handsome and charming. He has no scruples and will flatter, cajole, seduce and bribe anyone he thinks can help his career. He is undiscerning in his sexual partners, but in general prefers men. He keeps this to himself though – recognizing the value of young females in his rise to fame. He is very vain, but very clever as well. His musical talent isn’t much, but his allure makes up for it. His true talent is in song writing and any real success he has will be because he is a clever wordsmith.

On the night when Aquilinus came to The Refrain to confront Lauren, Liryc stood up for her… mostly because he couldn’t resist the drama of the situation. He told the Lord Knight that his daughter had a greater destiny as a bard than as a knight. Lauren was very grateful for his words, but it only made Aquilinus angrier. He ordered Lauren out of the tavern and that was the last time Liryc and Lauren saw each other. Lauren was sent by her father to Ashwick the next day… only in part to get her away from Liryc.

Liryc Darkeyes

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