Lord Acron Iceheart

Human Lord Knight of Knights Justicar, Lord of Albus Turris


The Iceheart family is nearly as old as Albus Turris itself. Acron was
born the second son of Duke Stanton and Duchess Elia Iceheart. From an
early age, young Acron was fascinated with the Knights. He trained at
Turris Priory, and was accepted as a full Knight at a young age.

Albus was a member of the Knights Inquisitor for 15 years. At that
time, an investigation involving a priestess of Ylchia went wrong and
Acron was injured. The poison that he was infected with nearly killed
him. Healing magic saved his life, but it was never fully able to
restore his health. He was judged by his commanding officers to be no
longer fit for field work despite Acron’s insistence that he was fine.

Shortly thereafter, Acron transferred to the Knights Justicar. He
translated his fervor for uncovering agents of darkness into the study
of the Code of Light. He rapidly made a name for himself. He is known
as a strict judge with a zero tolerance policy for breaches in the
Code. Acron also holds the record for most uses of the Justicar
Judgement power to cast out Knights that have broken the Code in the
past two centuries. He was made a Lord Knight five years before the
Battle of Broken Spear. At well over 100 years old, he is the oldest
member of the Lord Knights still serving.

Lord Acron was vehemently opposed to adding the Empress’s Blessing to
the list of criteria required for the next Emperor/Empress to be
crowned. Acron wrote the dissenting opinion for the Lord Knights that
opposed adding the provision to the Code Of Light that officially
sanctioned the Empress’s Blessing. He is a strong supporter of
Octavian Luminairre’s claim to the White Throne.

Lord Acron is known to have been friends with a hisskarssi known as
Masa that lived in Luminairre for a time known as Masa.

Lord Acron Iceheart rarely smiles, and is known to be stern and
serious. He frequently appears to be scowling. His knowledge of the
Code of Light is unmatched, however. And his zeal for enforcing the
provisions to the letter is also well known. Lord Acron is not known
for his pity or mercy.


Lord Acron Iceheart

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