Lord Balon Demonbane

Human? Male Lord Knight of the Knights Inquisitor, Lord of the Exalted State of Veritas and Deorum Oculus


Lord Balon Demonbane is tall and has an imposing demeanor. He possesses eyes that seem to see too much. The left side of his face possesses a long scar, a badge of victory he won by exposing a powerful demon that had replaced a high ranking Knight in Montus Ingnus that was trying to sabotage the arcane research happening there. Despite his youthful appearance, Lord Balon is undoubtedly one of the oldest Knights in the Empire.


Lord Balon Demonbane appears to be a human in his late 20s, and has appeared so for at least the past 200 years. In his tenure as Lord of the Knights Inquisitor, Lord Balon has fought in countless battles and advised multiple Emperors. Demonbane is not his true last name, rather he received it after unmasking a powerful demon in Montus Ignus. The records of his early service have all mysteriously disappeared, and Lord Demonbane rarely talks about anything in his past.

Despite the aura of mystery around him, Lord Demonbane’s loyalty to the Empire is unquestionable. He has rooted out hundreds of demons, cults, lycanthropes, and renegade sorcerers during his known career. Some call Lord Demonbane paranoid, but he has survived an exceptionally long time.

Lord Balon Demonbane has been known to work closely with Lord Marcus Lanternbearer in discovering threats and manipulating affairs within the Empire and beyond. The two form a powerful team. Marcus prefers direct and often violent methods in dealing with is opponents. Lord Balon Demonbane, on the other hand, is far more subtle. He often ensnares his prey and backs them into a corner before they are even aware that he is closing in.

Lord Balon Demonbane

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