Lord Lucious Lionheart

Male Aeldri Lord Justicar of Lux Cordis


The Lionheart family is older than the Luminairre Empire. Lionel
Lionheart was a squire to Brighton Luminairre I during the Demon War.
After Brighton knighted Lionel, the two remained lifelong friends. The
Lionheart and Luminairre families have always remained close, and no
small amount of Luminairre blood has mingled with the Lionheart blood
over the millennia. The Lionhearts have always been known for
exceptional courage and service to the Knighthood even by paladin
standards. They are also major political players in modern Luminairre.
The family holds the title of Duke in Crystallus and Lumingaard in
addition to a seat on the Council of Lord Knights.

Lord Lucious was born the eldest son of Duke Laoric and Duchess
Allaina Lionheart. He has three younger brothers and one younger
sister (one brother is deceased, slain while on a covert mission for
the Knighthood). One of his surviving brothers, Levius, serves as the
Solar of the Luminairre Church of Lunarus. Lucious’s sister Laurana is
a Knight Petitioner that is currently serving in Palathia. The
youngest surviving brother, Lexius, was a prominent member of the
Knights Lumina that was in contention to claim the title of Lord
Knight of that order. However, he was nearly killed in the Battle of
Mourning Gate and was forced to retire early. He was appointed as Duke
of Lumingaard after his injury ended his military career.

Lord Lucious has a talent for magic in addition to being a warrior.
After being Knighted into the Knights Petitioner, he moved to the
Knights Arcanum. For a short time after that, he went to the Knights
Inquisitor before finally ending up in the Knights Justicar.

Lord Lucious and Lord Acron Iceheart frequently disagree with each
other. Lord Lionheart is a little more open-minded about the Code of
Light, often interpreting the spirit of a law rather than its exact
wording. Lord Lucious also does not get along well with Lord Octavian Luminairre. Whether this is because Octavian is a favorite of Acron’s,
because Octavian is a rival contender for the throne (though to be
honest, Lucious has never seemed to seek the White Throne for
himself), or if there is some personal grievance, no one is certain.

Lord Lucious has several strong allies on the Council. Lord Aquilinus Tacitus Brightguardand Lord Palance Skyshard are good friends and strong allies of Lord Lionheart.

Lord Lucious Lionheart

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