Lord Palance Skyshard

Half-Celestial Lord Knight of the Knights Lumina, Lord of Lumingaard


Lord Palance was born in scandal to the powerful Skyshard family.
Palance’s mother Suri (a cleric of Lunarus known for her beauty) had a
romantic encounter with a seraphim in the service of Lunarus, and
Palance was the result of the encounter. Count Skyshard and his wife,
parents of Suri, threatened to disown her over the incident due to the
disgrace of his beloved daughter being an unwed mother. But the count
softened his stance when he first laid eyes upon his grandson.

The Skyshard family had traces of celestial blood passed down through
the generations, and even for aeldri most of the Skyshards were
blessed with good looks. Palance, son of possibly the fairest of the
Skyshards in generations and an unknown celestial, was particularly
blessed. His long blond hair always seems to fall in just the right
way and never looks messy, even after a hard-fought battle or upon
being woken in the middle of the night. He has golden eyes that have
melted the heart of many a maid, lightly bronzed skin, chiseled
features, and the kind of physique that is depicted in statues of
Lunarus. It has been said that Palance could stand in front of a group
of people and read the entirety of the Code Of Light to them and they would be begging for more by the end.

Palance is a gifted warrior with a strong natural charisma that has
made him an effective Knight and a popular leader. Palance has always had an impulsive nature which nearly prevented him from being accepted
as a squire in Lumina Priory. While Palance has been known to bend the
rules a little at times, and despite the fact that he has never been
able to find a girl that could capture his heart for long, he is
compassionate, dedicated, and one of the finest slayers of the undead
the Knights Lumina has had in two generations.

Lord Skyshard is one of the youngest of the Lord Knights on the
Council. Palance’s main rival for the title of Lord Knight of the
Knights Lumina was Lexius Lionheart. When Lexius was nearly killed and
forced to retire after the Battle of Mourning Gate, Palance honored
his former rival by promoting him to Duke of Lumingaard. Doing so
alienated the former Duke, of the House Domacles (one instance of Lord
Skyshard’s impulsiveness). As there were no Count positions open, the
new Lord Skyshard made former-Duke Valos Domacles into Baron Valos
Domacles. To say that Valos was angry is an understatement. Count
Skyshard, Palance’s grandfather, counseled against this move but
Palance said he wanted “a man of action and a brother” as his trusted
hand in Lumingaard and not “a debutante administrator.”

Lord Skyshard has committed many of the Knights Lumina to the Reaving
War currently being waged in New Din’Garreth. He himself has spent a
lot of time fighting in the war was well. He agreed to the
construction of a massive wall across Lumingaard to aid against
possible attack by the undead. With so many Knights Lumina engaged in
the war effort, those remaining in Lumingaard needed extra
fortification to maintain the defense of the realm. The Knights Lumina
have made a major impact in the Reaving War.

Lord Palance Skyshard

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