Malaena Lucidius

Cleric of Mirila'ana


Malaena Lucidius is a quiet, serious woman who looks to be about 30. She claims no family, saying only that she was raised in the temple of Mirila’ana in Sanguinem Moenia, the principal city of Miles Hostiam. Before coming to Trigonem, she had been fighting in the Blood Wars.

She is a skilled healer, both with the grace of her Watcher and with more mundane means. Two minor quirks that her travelling companions will notice: First, whenever it is her turn to cook, the meal is vegetarian. Second, she refuses to eat pork in any form.

During her travels in Wayreach, she and her party discovered a dying seraph in a sacked temple of Mirila’ana in the town of Grimsteer. Nothing could be done for the celestial, who offered Malaena his angelic essence as strength and support for the trials ahead. Malaena reluctantly accepted, and now glows blue whenever she does not suppress the light.


Malaena Lucidius

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