Lord Octavian Luminairre

Lord Knight of Knights Crusader, Aeldri Lord of Trigonum and Heir-Apparent to the Empire


Male Aeldri, Middle-Aged


Octavian Luminairre is the Lord Knight of Trigonem and a member of the Knights Crusader.

Lord Octavian has long sought to prove that he is the heir to Lauren Luminairre and claim the throne. Lord Octavian is the grandson of a cousin of Emperor Argentum Luminairre (Lauren’s grandfather). When he was made a Lord Knight for his courage in the Battle of Broken Spear, as a Luminairre and a member of the Lord Knights, he should have gained the crown of Luminairre according to the Pact of Luminairre. However, two days before the coronation ceremony, the High Prophet of Rozerus had a vision. It was deciphered from the vision that the rules had changed… the next Emperor or Empress of Luminairre would need to follow the normal criteria of being a blood descendent of Brighton Luminairre and be a Lord Knight as normal. However, the new Emperor or Empress must find and recover the Sword of Luminairre (which was lost when Empress Lauren was killed at the Battle of the Broken Spear).

For years, Octavian quested for the blade, searching Palathia and every other lead he could find for the resting place of the blade. As the years passed and the Empire began to decline, Octavian sought the blade even harder. It has become his obsession as he believes he is the only one that can unite the slowly crumbling Empire. Despite his advanced age, he has the longevity of the Luminairre line and is as strong and healthy as a human nearly 1/3 his years. His obsession for his quest has affected his ability to rule. He leaves the care of Trigonem completely in the control of Duke Ashlane and is often gone during meetings of the Council of Lord Knights. He has three daughters. The eldest was a Knight Hospitaler, but she was killed in the line of duty. The middle daughter is a cleric of Rozerus serving in the Temple of Rozerus in Rozeril. The youngest daughter is also a Knight. She serves as a Knight Justicar in the Order.

Lord Octavian Luminairre

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