Simon Dameir

Young Wizard and philosopher


Human Wizard Specialist (Transmuter) 6, Fighter 1


Simon Bertrich Ashlane Lothian Dameir is the child of Lord Mayor Bertrich ‘Big Bert’ Dameir of Alaril and his second wife Tamara. He is the third child of the Lord Mayor and the eldest to come of his second marriage. This makes him sixth in line for the County of Alaric Cotin, after his uncle, father, older half-brother, nephew and older half-sister, or his father likes to put it, “Only way you’ll inherit is a miracle or a massacre, boy.” None of which has kept his mother, Tamara, from constantly scheming to better his (and through him, her own) position in the succession.

Simon himself is a shy, quiet, bookish sort, more interested in intellectual pursuits than practical ones and cares less than nothing about his mother’s feudal scheming. He wanted only to be left alone with his studies. When his mother sent him off to study at the Seminary of Rozerus at Ashton Priory, he jumped at the chance to get out from under her wing and devote himself to scholarship. He has indeed applied himself to his studies, although perhaps not quite in the way his mother envisioned. After a crisis of faith, he began studying wizardry under the tutor Maxtheon, a fact that he revealed to his mother only recently, after managing to conceal it for the whole of his first year.

Also, has recently been reunited with his maternal cousin Lauren (or ‘Wren’ as she apparently calls herself now). Initially, it was a priority to protect his favorite cousin, but given her recent successes in battle, Simon has had cause to reconsider this.

After meeting the party at “Prince” Rashid’s slaver camp, he has been “requested” to aid them in their search for Rashid’s confederates. This transition to ‘adventurer’ does not please the young wizard, who just wants to return to his studies as quickly as possible.

After a series of faith shaking events, some personal, some cosmic, Simon seems to finally have found a purpose. He has been chosen by Ral’Tandrack to refound the Mage Knights of Mystryl, although so far, he’s only managed to find and open the volcano fortress of Mystryl itself…

Simon Dameir

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