Takeo Cae'Artyiss

Dragon Knight Errant "Committing justice, one villain at a time"


Takeo is a Dragon Knight, sworn and true. He is heir in training to the Cae’Artyiss clan of the Hisskarssi. Known as the forest warriors among the Hisskarssi the clan is always the group on the edge and the sword in the darkness.

Takeo is typical in the clan, showing the signs of the Dragon Heritage that the clan is famous for. Currently his uncle holds the leadership of the clan, in trust for when Takeo has completed his task of leadership. As is typical of the higher clans of the Hisskarssi much of the teaching and raising of a child is done by the entire clan. He was tought by a combination of his mother and father, his many great grandfather and his uncle. Each brought in a new layer to the training though his uncle’s influence is the most heavy in how Takeo interacts with those of other races.

His task is to find the armor of one of his primary ancestors that has been lost for thousands of years. Finding it would be another sign of the rising of the Hisskarssi empire once again to prominence.

Was during a recent encounter killed and raised as a skeleton. After the overall situation was resolved and his will returned Takeo has remained in control but still undead.

Takeo Cae'Artyiss

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