The "Lost Knight"

The Shadow over Ashwick


The Lord Knight of the Exalted State of Ashwick after the resignation of Lord Andin. His reign was short and bloody. One of his first actions was to rally the Knights to declare a crusade against Old Din’Garreth, a crusade that ended with nearly all forces wiped out. His actions reduced the numbers of the Knighthood at a time when Emperor Dracnus’s forces were rising in the north, and the forces of the Blood Plains were once again beginning to stir. In a final stroke of betrayal, he handed the last of the Demonblades to Mediv, sealing the fate of the forces of Light, in many eyes. The keep being built for his seat of power was never completed, and his name was stricken from nearly all records.

The incomplete redoubt still looms over Ashwick. Known by the locals as Revenant Keep, it lies unfinished, unfurnished, never lived in. And yet, a century later, not a single stone has been worn smooth, not a single speck of dust has settled in it.

Rumors that the Lost Knight rescued Lauren Luminairre from her imprisonment as his last honorable act remain unsubstantiated.

The "Lost Knight"

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