Lord Tristan Arxis

Lord Knight Knights Petitioner, Human Lord of Album Corva


Male Human, relatively young.


Tristan Arxis, Lord Knight of Album Corva, is a member of the Knights Petitioner. Lord Tristan had a rather unconventional rise to Knighthood. A middle son of four in of the noble line of Arxis, Tristan’s two older brothers entered training for the knighthood early. Tristan opted out of the path of Knighthood, but kept with the family business of combat by signing up at the White Raven Academy in Raven Court. He excelled in the art of combat and mastered the white raven fighting style at a young age.

After the death of his older brothers, Tristan honored his family tradition and took the paladin vows. He was knighted into the Knights Petitioner three days before his 25th birthday. His weapon prowess, courage, and ingenuity earned him a great deal of respect within the order. Upon the death of his predecessor, Lady Allain Lighthand, Tristan was elected to fill her position on the Council of Lord Knights. At the young age of 31, Tristan is currently the youngest Lord Knight serving on the Council.

Lord Tristan Arxis

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