Bratirion (Item of Legend)

The bow is crafted from a dark gray metal, with the recurves shaped like lightning bolts. The stylized grip of the bow appears to be padded with blue dragonscale. The bow does not have a string, nor does there appear to be a place to notch one.

weapon (ranged)

Base Item Powers:

+2 adaptive mighty composite longbow

Caster Level: Equal to Bratirion’s level and ‘Special’ (See Bratirion’s 3rd basic power below)

Aura: Strong Evocation

Weight: 3 lbs

Senses: 120 ft (Hearing and Vision)

Sentient Item Statistics: Intelligence 14, Wisdom 16, Charisma 18

Sentient Item Skills: Intimidate + 12 (5 ranks)

Languages: Auran, Celestial, Common, Infernal (Speech)

Ego: Special

Other Basic Powers:

  • Bratirion does not need amunition. When the bow is drawn, the bow creates either a +2 shock arrow or +2 brilliant energy arrow (wielder’s choice, free action).
  • 3/day: Wielder can cast True Strike as a free action (modifies bow attacks only). (Caster level = 1 or Bratirion’s level, whichever is greater).
  • At Will: Bratirion can cast Shocking Grasp on anyone touching him if he so desires. (Caster level = 20).

Special Powers:

Level Power
1 Wielder gains electricity resistance 10
2 Bratirion gains Distance weapon special quality. Bratirion’s Wrath: All of wielder’s favored enemy bonuses (current and future) increase by +2.
3 Wielder gains Evasion ability
4 Wielder gains +10 enhancement bonus to land speed
5 ???
6 ???
7 ???
8 ???
9 ???
10 ???
11 ???
12 ???
13 ???
14 ???
15 ???
16 ???
17 ???
18 ???
19 ???
20 ???

Though there does not appear to be a bowstring or a way to attach one, a solid arc of energy appears between the ends of the compound bow along with an arrow of blue energy. The arc of energy functions exactly like a normal bowstring but is indestructible.


Bratirion Stormbow claims to be a small portion of the divine power of Bratirus that has somehow been trapped in a composite longbow. He keeps silent as to how that happened. According to history and legend, he was wielded during the Demon War by a human against the forces of Dracnus. There are no earlier stories or legends as to how the bow came to be. Whether Bratirion is simply a deluded sentient item with delusions of grandeur or if it is truly a portion of a Watcher’s essence bound in a bow is unconfirmed.

Bratirion calls all people “mortal”, deigning not to learn names since mortal lifetimes are so brief. Its wielder it instead regards as “Chosen.” He has all of the arrogance one would expect from a god. He does not understand mortal “morality,” and often suggests extreme or horrific solutions to problems. Bratirion is an eager hunter and craves to be wielded against worthy foes.

When not in use, Bratirion demands to sit in a window sill to look out at the world. He has the power to cling to his wielder with the power of magnetism.

Bratirus claims that if he is broken, the portion of the divine within him will merge again with Bratirus.

Bratirion (Item of Legend)

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