Crystal Blade of Redemption

weapon (melee)

The blade is made entirely of magically hardened crystal, which pulses with a brilliant white light similar to that of a heartbeat. Currently, at the time the Crystal Blade of Redemption is found in the vault of Saltmourne Keep, the blade functions as a +2 Ghost Touch Undead Bane Longsword. The blade has a strong aura of conjuration. The powers of the artifact function at a caster level of 20. The blade has these powers:

  • Healing: Three times per day, the wielder of the blade may take a standard action to touch the blade to a living or undead creature and activate a Heal effect.
  • Death Ward: The wielder of the blade is continuously protected by the effects of a Death Ward. The death ward can be dispelled, but the wielder may activate it again on his turn as a free action.
  • Redemption: The greatest power of the blade is the ability to transform an undead back into a living creature. Doing this has a high price however, and it only works in very specific cases. The undead targeted must have it’s real soul bound into its undead form, and it must be willing to return to life. If either or both of these requirements is not true, then this ability will fail to work as expected (see below). If the undead does have its original soul and it is willing to be restored to life, it needs only be touched by the blade and the wielder need only will it to return to life as if it were restored with a True Resurrection spell.

If the subject either does not have its soul or if it is not willing to return, it instead takes 20d6 points of positive energy damage (no save).

Activating this power permanently reduces the enhancement bonus of the blade by 1, regardless of whether the power succeeds or not.

After restoring the Hisskarssi Takeo, the blade is reduced to a +1 enhancement bonus.


When the Knight Rasdin Ementov was corrupted and transformed into a death knight by the lich Mediv, the members of his adventuring party refused to accept his loss. They traveled far, seeking out the Oracle of Rozerus for a way in which they could save Rasdin from his terrible fate. The Oracle sent them on numerous quests to obtain the materials to craft the Crystal Blade of Redemption. The crystal that formed the blade was extremely rare, and it had to be purified in the fires of the plane of Fire, taken and empowered with positive energy on the positive energy plane. At long last, the blade was completed.

The hero L’Tira Jen eventually faced Rasdin and struck him with the sword. The blade burst with pure white light, restoring the dead flesh to life and breaking the hold that Mediv had upon him.

After the The “Lost Knight” vanished, the blade was bequethed to the Knighthood and rested in Phoenix. The weapon was taken up by Lord Uther Sunspear of the Knights Lumina at the start of the Reaving War. Lord Uther misunderstood the purpose and powers of the blade, and it did not function as he had anticipated. Lord Uther was slain at the Battle of Saltmourne Keep, and the Crystal Blade of Redemption has not been seen since.

Crystal Blade of Redemption

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