Imperial Armor (Item of Legend)

Imperial Armor of the Hiskarssi


A suit of O-yoroi armor last worn by the mad emperor of the Hisskarssi Lung Zhu. The mask of the armor shows as the face of an ancient dragon.

Starting Qualities
Imperial Armor starts as a +3 Impervious O-Yoroi of the Champion

lvl 1 Darkvision120’, low light 4 times that of a human
lvl 2 Dragonmage 1st level
lvl 3 Gift of the Underworld
lvl 4 Dragonscale
lvl 5 +3 armor bonus
lvl 6 Dragonmage 4th level
lvl 7 Unknown
lvl 8 Unknown
lvl 9 Unknown
lvl 10 Unknown
lvl 11 Unknown
lvl 12 Unknown
lvl 13 Unknown
lvl 14 Unknown
lvl 15 Unknown
lvl 16 Unknown
lvl 17 Unknown
lvl 18 Unknown
lvl 19 Unknown
lvl 20 Unknown

Cast arcane spells as a sorcerer of level

Gift of the Underworld
The metal materials of the Imperial Armor become adamantine (granting DR 3/— since it is heavy armor). The wearer of the armor also gains Smoke Vision as an extraordinary quality as long as the armor is worn (the wielder can see perfectly in smoky conditions, such as those created by the pyrotechnics spell).

The Arcane Spell Failure chance is reduced to 0% when wearing the Imperial Armor and casting spells granted by the armor’s Dragonmage abilities only. If the wearer of the armor can cast spells from a different source (such as levels in sorcerer), the normal spell failure chance applies. This is true even if the spell from another source is also on the wearer’s list of Dragonmage spells castable.


Imperial Armor (Item of Legend)

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