Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Wren's Side Quest (takes place during Session 13 - 15)
Paladin SVU

[On returning to Phoenix (Greenleaf 12) Ser Titus sends Wren to make a report to William Wolfson. The story she tells Wolfson is the same story she will tell the party.]

Wren enters Wolfson’s office and he looks up from a stack of reports. “Squire Brightguard,” he says in acknowledgment.

“Ser Wolfson,” she bows respectfully. “I’ve come to report. I see you’re very busy, I’ll be brief.” Her voice is hoarse.

He sits back, cracks his neck, “I’ve been reading reports all day, I could use a distraction. Have a seat. As she takes a seat he notices a dark bruise around her throat, “That bruise is very nasty, are you all right?”

She shrugs, “It’s nothing, Ser.”

He accepts this, “Tell me what trouble you got into with Ser Titus.”

She smiles slightly. “Some sword work, some bow work, killed a troublesome boar… incidentally I’m supposed to ask you for coaching with a longbow… when you have time of course.”

He nods, “As soon as I have the time…” looks at the cluttered desk, chuckles. Turns back to Wren, “We had heard there was some sort of trouble in a little village called Silver Creek. There were rumors of attacks, but no actual accusers. Titus thought you might be the best person to handle that. Did you get a chance to check into?”

She frowns, nods, “Yes Ser. The attacks were on local girls from Silver Creek. I think Ser Titus thought they might talk to me, when they were… reluctant to talk to the local Watch. Sometimes young women are more comfortable talking to another young woman. This was the case in Silver Creek.”

“The Valistar’s son was the offender, Irith Penbrook. Initially he was just using his position and charm to seduce girls who didn’t know any better and had the bad luck to be daughters of men he wanted something from. Then he would blackmail their fathers in exchange for his silence. Eventually he just started luring girls into traps and then forcing them,” she colors slightly, but continues. “Then he would threaten their families borrowing his father’s power to do it. They kept quiet out of fear of retribution. There was one girl though…” she pauses, frowns, clears her throat. “She was engaged and he couldn’t get her to pay any attention to him. So he ambushed her and took her away, held her captive for more than a week. When she returned she wouldn’t say anything to anyone about what had happened to her, where she had been. A few months later it became clear she was with child. They guessed what had happened, but she still wouldn’t talk to anyone about what happened, because she was so frightened of Penbrook.”

“Our plan was to get this young woman away from Silver Creek and away from Penbrook. I went to take her into protective custody, but he had discovered the investigation and already had her cornered in a barn. When I encountered them I was unarmored and unarmed, excepting the daggers I conceal in my boots. I tried to distract him by pretending to be a friend of hers, hoping he would turn his attention to me and give her a chance to escape. Unfortunately she was so terrified she didn’t take the opportunity. When he tried to corner me I dropped him and tried to get her to run. She was too terrified and he recovered too quickly.”

“I informed him that she was under my protection, but he was undeterred. He attacked me, I evaded him. I offered him the opportunity to surrender. He attacked me again. He got lucky and got a hand around my throat, was attempting to strangle me. I was forced to pull one of my daggers. The strike probably wouldn’t have been fatal, but he chose to pull the dagger out and both Ser Titus and the town healer agree, that act caused significant damage. In any case, he is dead.”

“The Watch investigated. The other girl witnessed the whole thing. My actions have been ruled self-defense. Before I left more than a dozen girls had come forward to give their statements. I suspect there will be more. His father, Valistar Penbrook, is shocked by his son’s behavior, but is being reasonable in the face of so much evidence.”

William is quiet for a moment, then he says, “Sounds like Ser Titus was right. You were the best person to handle this.”

She shakes her head, “I wish I’d been able to take Penbrook into custody instead of killing him, but I’m glad the women of Silver Creek are safe now. You’ll have my written report by the end of the day. You can add it to the stack,” she grins wryly.

He rolls his eyes. “Well at least I won’t have to read it. Thank you Squire.”

She nods, “Thank you, Ser.”

Session 14
Does Ondoron have a Darwin Award?

When last we left our dubious heroes, they had just had a series of fights with various possessed wildlife and an uncomfortable conversation with an angry ghost. Riding into Bolton’s Crossing, despite heroic healing abilities from Caiden, even the horses were still injured.

In Bolton’s Crossing, they found that the forces of the local Baron had already arrived in town, under the command of Brynn, a mercenary, who was filling in for the dead guard captain. It was about this time they conveniently remembered that the old Baron had been a failure and drunk but his son, the current Baron, had turned the Barony right around. Brynn had instructions to take the party directly to see Baron Darkhome.

Yeah, Baron Darkhome. Negus Darkhome. Baron Negus Darkhome. Really? Really.

The Baron, a half-elf and spellcaster, was surprisingly sympathetic. The party told him about the ghost and the doll and the rat. In return the Baron told them about Dugal and his sister. Apparently, their parents had died in a plague and the Baron had taken them in, even taught Dugal some magic. The boy had stolen a dangerous spellbook and was arrested a couple weeks ago. His sister helped him escape and they were both still at large. The kicker? His familiar was a rat.

First off, the party checked the ghost’s ruined house but all that accomplished was piss off the little girl ghost.

The Baron’s information leads the party to believe that the kids might be hiding out at their parents’ abandoned farm. The party pokes around the farm for awhile before they find the well. Investigations involving a rock and a light spell show that the well drops down to a larger chamber of some sort. Filled with water.

This is nothing but a good idea.

The water turns out to be shallow body of water. It also turns out to have Zombie Owlbears. Which are more offensive than dangerous. After defeating the Zombie Owlbears, the party discovers an opening in the wall. Dark and foreboding.

Naturally, they go through it to discover that the two ‘poor orphans’ are waiting for them. Also that they are an evil spellcasting team, him an arcane, she a priestess of Dyradak. The party also learns that Caiden, an orphan himself, has a thing about orphans and he tries, heroically to talk them down. Even after the first ghoul bites him.

Needless to say, it turns to violence. The kids have a handful of ghouls and, most notably, a ghast. Caiden is nearly felled in battle, while Simon, Dusan and Takeo wade through the undead, Japh, an independent contractor working for the warden, sneaks around and disables the casters from behind.

Bound and interrogated, the kids reveal that the ghost’s doll is where its been the whole time. In the Baron’s vault. This was all just a trap to kill the party. A test for the Baron’s two apprentices. The party doesn’t bother to even feign surprise.

A plan is formed to impersonate the two teenagers, through judicious use of mundane disguise and an Alter Self spell, and create some kind of distraction. However, it is discovered that the well they came down has been covered, blocking their escape.

A bit fed up, Simon Levitates up and pries off the cover, only to find himself staring up into a quartet of cliffhangers… er crossbows…

Session 13
Seriously, we could have been stomping beetles...

Upon the party’s return to Phoenix on Greenleaf 7, they split up. Caiden went to help Wren recover from her poison, Takeo went to get info on some of the loot, and Simon and Dusan went to get information on what may or may not be happening with different rates of success. Simon was able to add Dusan’s information to his own store to add detail to the picture forming. Now, all he needs is proof…

The next day was relatively quiet, as far as the party was concerned. for the most part everyone did their own thing.

At 8 am on Greenleaf 9, all of the party save Wren met with the interim Warden. He explained that with a good portion of the Knights in the south of Ashwick, the forces of Ashwick were stretched very thinly. He was in need of our group to take care of at least one of the problems facing northern Ashwick.

Three options were given to the party. First, deal with large beetles that had been attacking lumber workers in nearby Brackenwood. Second, track down something in the forest that had been causing people to disappear on the road to Davinguard. Third, deal with something in a small town called Bolton crossing on the Ashwick-Davinguard border that had been causing animal attacks and possibly possessing people, causing them to attack others. One such attack had killed the town’s watch-captain.

Now, being the masochists we all know them to be, the party of course chose the assignment dealing with possession and/or mind magic. This turns out exactly like you think it does.

Just short of Bolton Crossing (which is haunted, by the way, by a ghost no one has been able to deal with for well over a decade), the party is attacked by a crazed owlbear. Not long after, a crazed boar charged them. After the boar goes down, the malevolent force moved to the party’s mounts. While the first couple of mounts were quickly subdued, it made its way into Dragon, causing issues for the party. In a last ditch attempt, the force tried to possess Takeo, stopped only by Caiden’s Protection from Evil spell.

As suspected, the force causing problems in the town is the ghost, the spectral reflection of a child who died under unfortunate circumstances. Apparently, someone had taken “Emily”, who we think is her doll that was notably missing.

The party has until sunset before the ghost comes back for them.

Session 12
Cat-sized balls of doom.

Night falls. The party is spread out between the cellar of the ruins, where Takeo and Simon rest and watch, and on top of the ladder, where the two paladins keep watch.

At about one o’clock, the paladins are hit by no less than three tiny black dragons. Wren scrambles down the ladder, followed soon by Dusan. Almost as soon as Dusan gets off of the ladder, Takeo climbs up and finishes off one of the dragons. Dusan, follows with Wren covering the ladder with her bow. The dragons resume their ranged breath attacks, and the warriors go back down the ladder.

There’s some bouncing back and forth, with a little bit of dark humor as Takeo uses the dead dragon’s head to taunt the two remaining dragons. As the dragons begin to cover up the ladder/trap door again, the party goes back up the ladder, with a good shot from Simon nearly crippling the largest of the dragons, while Takeo falls in combat against the dragons, one of whom hops up onto his fallen form and “returns the favor”, using Takeo’s head to taunt the party.

Eventually the party retreats once more into the cellar. After a few hours, the dragons attempt to negotiate with Takeo for their lair back. The party and the dragons are unable to come to a compromise, in no small part because of the deaths of the nearby locals. The party makes their way back to the surface, to find the dragons gone for now.

The party returned to Deril Manor, where a crowd formed to greet the party with the dead dragon. As the crowd formed, a blind healer came out of the inn. He helped the party recover from their wounds and asked to speak to ‘Maracek’.

At this point the party split three ways: the first group, Wren and Simon, went back to Phoenix with the dragon corpse to ask for the assistance of some Sentinels in hunting the two remaining wounded dragons. Takeo remained near Deril Manor to keep watch, while Dusan and Caiden traveled to Markess Keep to bring some extra archers to Deril Manor to keep an eye out for the dragons while the Sentinels are assembled.

The session ends not long after the party meets back up in Phoenix on the evening of the 7th of Greenleaf. Wren follows Caiden to the Hospitalers to recover from her poisoning, while Simon and Dusan split to follow up on the very loose lead that “something” might be happening around Phoenix soon that may or may not involve the Baroness of Brackenwood.

Session 11
We should have listened to Adm. Ackbar

Upon the party’s overwhelmingly successful lake crossing, we arrived on the island in the late afternoon. A cursory examination of the island and the ruins on it revealed little save some bushes on the far (eastern) side. The ruins themselves revealed little save a previously unseen stone trapdoor leading to the cellar of the former temple.

On climbing down, and making it past the patch of brown mold at the bottom of the ladder, the party then investigated the room from which indecipherable mewling sounds were coming from. Soon after opening the door to the room, the stone door above the party slammed shut, trapping everyone in the cellar.

Having been trapped in the cellar by two sentient creatures, the party then examined the rooms available to them. A small collection of treasure was found in the room the mewling had been heard from, including two mithral shields and a stack of coins.

Takeo then attempted to bust open the stone trap door with a crowbar, while Sprocket and Dusan attempted to climb out through a small hole in the ceiling of the hoard room. The rope attempt ended in failure when one of the creatures spit through the rope with some sort of acid attack, then made off with the grappling hook.

Simon and Wren then moved to check out the crypt below the cellar. The initial check revealed nothing below when Wren began to climb down. She was soon stuck in a giant spider web, while a handful of monstrous spiders moved to attack her.

Simon remained on top, attempting to cover Wren while she attempted to break free. Sprocket leapt down in an attempt to heal her, while Dusan, and later, Takeo tried to use the rope to pull Wren free of the webs. Sprocket, unfortunately, became stuck in the webs ten feet above Wren.

Once Takeo made it down from the ladder he was on, and made it to the rope, he was able to pull Wren free. The spiders responded by climbing up and engaging the party in the cellar. While two died on top, it was enough to keep the party from freeing Sprocket before he was killed by a combination of bite wounds and spider venom. He was taken by the largest spider, and moved away from the entrance.

Seeing little hope in the situation for Sprocket, sadly, but wanting to at least recover his body, the party lit the webs on fire. When the fires had burned themselves out, Dusan and Takeo went to engage the spiders, swiftly dispatching them. Sprocket’s body and gear were recovered, along with a certain kitty-witty whose mewls of despair had made it up to the party above them.

On returning to the stone door, Takeo was eventually able to bust it open, and the party made their way back onto the island, as sunset rapidly approached. Of course, as there should be no limit to the amount of good news a group of adventurers can be party to in one day, we then discovered that the boat had been moved and likely sunk. Yay.

This is the party as we left them: only one of the casters has any non-cantrip spells remaining, sunlight is fading quickly, and at least two creatures clever enough to trap the party are nearby, waiting.

Session 10

5th of Greenleaf

Takeo, Dusan, and Simon met with the Warden in the morning. He is preparing to take a group of knights to Oakmore in response to the countess’ report of a Draco-Litch. As a result the party was granted time off to deal with the trouble at Deril Manor, Dusan’s home. The Warden wanted to speak with Sprocket, but he had not been seen. The party also received pay for 2 weeks. Afterward the party was able to find Sprocket and take him to meet with the Warden. He is repentant and the Warden gave him a book to help he do better next time.

Wren spent the morning with her parents, since they will be leaving the next day. Afterward her mother asked Ser Helion Titus to keep her company for the day. This prompted a conversation between the two and, after clearing the plan with Lord Aquilinus, Ser Titus agreed to be her sponsor in the Knighthood. Moira Brightguard had to leave to handle an emergency unexpectedly, so Lauren said goodbye to her. Squire Brightguard and Ser Titus returned to the priory and met up with the party.

In order to leave the next day the party needed to acquire horses. Dusan went to find a replacement for Argentum (who was killed in the fire at the inn in Thornhaven). Wren went to ask her father about a horse for her and see if he had a mount big enough for Takeo. While talking to her father she requested that Ser Titus be relieved of guard duty. He agreed, though he will be asking her mother about the need to have a guard on Lauren. After an eventful trip through the city she brought back Dragon and Dusan and Takeo spent the afternoon/evening working with the horses. Simon, Wren, and Sprocket all went off on their own in the late afternoon/evening. In Simon’s case, he stopped by to see Wren just long enough to ask her some confusing questions about where to find bards and then rush off. He seemed very excited about something.

6th of Greenleaf

Wren said goodbye to her father first thing in the morning as he was heading back to Albalara. The party planned to depart for Deril Manor at 9 bells. Sprocket disappeared and Simon stayed behind to wait for him. They caught up later. Wren was invited to ride with Eliska in her coach. After a short journey they arrived at Deril Manor and Eliska continued on to Markess Keep. Dusan gathered info about the recent troubles. Some cattle and some sheep have been killed. Tragically a 2 1/2 year old girl named Amber went missing and her body was found later. Just before the party arrived a woodsman also went missing.

The party split up to investigate. Dusan and Wren spoke to Amber’s family. Simon and Sprocket went to the local chapel to view her body. Takeo went to look around the sites of the attacks. When the party reunited they investigated together and found the area where the woodsman had been attacked. There was a great deal of blood and a broken axe head. There are lots of theories about what we might be facing. Whatever is attacking is covering it’s tracks by dragging the victim (Is this on purpose or coincidence?). The bodies are usually found near the water. Further investigation brought the party to the conclusion that they needed to cross the lake. They acquired a small boat and Takeo and Wren volunteered to swim across. Wren had difficulty and Simon told her to get in the boat and he swam across. She was unable to get into the boat and her attempts caused Dusan to fall in. Sprocket heroically rowed across while Wren and Dusan simply hung on to the boat. We leave the party on the shore of the island getting ready to hunt the mysterious creature… only Sprocket is dry (this is in question, there was some talk of Dusan tossing him into the lake…).

Session 9
Pomp and Circumstance

On the third and final day of travel from Thornhaven to Phoenix, Wren leaves the group early to make her way ahead to meet her family. As the rest of the caravan crests the last hill before Phoenix, they see a large encampment outside of the south gate, with the Brightguard colors flying above it.

On making it through the gates and entering the city proper, Dusan and Takeo move to escort the survivors of the attack on the inn directly to the Warden, while Simon moves to help Sprocket by bringing him to the temple of Mirala’ana. On mentioning it to Sprocket, however, Sprocket agrees then manages to vanish immediately thereafter. Sighing in resignation, Simon goes with the two remaining members of the party to speak to the Warden.

Upon the Warden’s return to his office, the noblewoman who had come with the Baron and the party from Thornhaven cited three grievances against the party as a whole as agents of the Warden’s. The first was charges of cowardice as related to the fire in the inn. Given the situation on the staircase, that interpretation was understandable. Dusan and Takeo gave their account of events, and the Warden decided that, while poor judgement had been made, those involved had not acted out of cowardice and would not be openly punished.

The second charge brought up was the theft of Elo’s sword by Sprocket. As Sprocket was not present to answer the charge against him, the charge was temporarily tabled.

The final charge was the potential murder of the Baron’s mage by Simon during his watch. The barmaid recounted how, while she could not hear what the mage and Simon were speaking about, how the mage had fired on himself and, a few seconds later, Simon had struch him, instead of the events occurring at approximately the same time, as Simon had previously stated. Simon conceded that the barmaid had heard correctly, but plead “not guilty” to the charge of murder, and asked to be taken by the Knights-Inquisitor for official questioning.

At this point, Takeo takes Simon aside as Dusan runs back to the Priory to prepare for the night’s festivities.

For the most part, the party is entirely separate that evening. The parade as the Brightguard entourage enters town is filled with pomp and formality, as is the ball held afterwards.

The next day, Takeo, Dusan, and Wren have a brief bit of time in the morning to discuss a few of the things they were able to find or deal with the previous day, including what happened to Simon, some interesting theories on Dusan’s medallion, the weather the previous day, results from the previous night’s experiment on just how much a third level paladin can drink in one night without suffering acute liver failure, etc.

That afternoon, Dusan speaks to his friend Derek, the Warden’s assistant, and arranges a meeting with the Warden the next morning.

That evening, Simon meets with the rest of the group, as he was released from the Knight-Inquistors’ custody. Wren meets with them soon afterwards, taking Simon aside briefly. No sign of Sprocket had been found by that point.

The party prepares for their meeting the next day with the Warden; at least, the four members of the party who are aware of each other’s location.

We can only hope that our dear departed friend Sprocket is in a better place now, where he can blow things up for all eternity is Klint’s Eternal Explosive Emporium. If not, and he still shares this mortal coil with us, all I can say is this: he had better have a damned good story for having been gone the last two days. The Warden is a tough audience.

Session 8
Ashes and Guilt

Still near the burning inn, Takeo is healed by Sprocket, who snuck away from the north gate to check on him. Sprocket agrees to help heal the survivors, along with the local apothecary who is struggling to assist the burn victims.

At the gate itself, the two mercenary siblings Elo and Elia stopped before Wren, Dusan, and Simon. After a few awkward moments, the group stands aside, letting the mercenaries ride off.

Soon afterwards, the bell to call the militia is heard, and one of the town guards asked the group at the gate to make their way to the inn. As the group made their way back into town, they passed by the temple to Rozerus, where it was discovered that the town cleric and one of the guards had been killed inside.

After making their way to the inn, meeting up with Takeo and Sprocket, and helping out with the bucket line to contain the fire, the group speaks with Watch Captain Balim Lighthammer. The identity of the remains used for skeletons and the identity of the mage who assisted Prince Rashid were discovered: the mage was Alec Mirkonan, personal mage of the Baron of Thornhaven, Hitrin Bresius, and the skeletons bore the funeral garb of the interred Bresius ancestors. The alchemist’s fire was discovered to have come from Alec’s stock. On coming to these discoveries, the group set out with Captain Lighthammer to speak with the Baron.

Thankfully, the Baron and his family appeared to have nothing to do with the attack, nor any apparent reason to be involved at all. Sprocket decided to check through the Baron’s desk drawers to make sure, accidentally setting off a fire trap.

As the baron and his family were setting out for Phoenix that day, and it was time for the group to report to the Warden, it was decided that they would travel together. The first day of travel went uneventfully; unfortunately, that night, Alec would wake up, and, still likely under Rashid’s control, blasted himself with a magic missile. Simon, rightfully fearing that Alec was going to attack him, struck him across the head; the two blows managed to kill the hapless mage.

The second day of travel went quietly, save for Sprocket becoming more and more ill. That night, he began to act strangely, focusing on the moon. The possibility of disease from the panther “cloak” he has been wearing began to appear more and more likely.

That last night of travel, the baron, his family, the guards, and the three survivors with the group (the woodsman, who’s daughter was killed; a noblewoman; and the barmaid) began to shun the group. Attempts were made by both Wren and Dusan to console them; we shall see if either of those attempts have brought them peace.

Tune in on July 28th for the next exciting episode of “The Odd Quintet”. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Session 7
Blind-sided by FAIL

As the party slept that night, their windows were open to let the warm spring breeze flow through. Sadly, warm air was not the only thing that flew through the open windows. Bottles of alchemists fire soared through every open window of the inn, not just once, but multiple times.

Chaos, unsurprisingly, ensued.

While escaping the burning inn was a high priority, it would likely mean running face-first into the attackers who were responsible for such a dastardly deed. In the end, the majority of the party barreled through the fire, and the ambush set up for them, and made it outside.

There they were greeted by a large number of cloaked attackers. As they moved in on the party, it was discovered that the attackers were animated skeletons. As the party attempted to rally in order to turn the tide of the battle, none other than Prince Rashid appeared, and began to cast spells on the party.

As the party turns to face this threat, another mage stepped out of a nearby shop and began blasting spells into Dusan, stripping away what resources he had left for a battle with Rashid.

A call to retreat sounded for the party. With only a few minor complications, all bu Takeo made a tactical retreat to the town’s northern gate.

The town guard showed up, only to be swiftly struck down by Rashid’s spells. A Knight-Petitioner arrived later, who, along with Takeo, attempted to harass and strike down Rashid. Sadly, the battle ended poorly for the unknown knight, and Rashid teleported away with the body.

The inn collapsed soon after the sounds of battle stopped. It is currently unknown how many of the civilians in the inn survived.

The party is now split, with four of them at the town gate and Takeo speaking with the surviving town guard.

Despite the chaos and massive disadvantage the party was at, all of the members survived. Sadly, no bath will be able to remove the stink of FAIL from their clothing for quite some time…

Special props go to Sprocket, who turned the tide against the skeletons, and helped the party survive; and to Takeo, for his brave but futile attempt to take Rashid on by himself.

Session 6
Too little, too late

During the afternoon of the 38th of Lifespring, Lauren was the target of an assassination attempt from someone with access to magic. His accent sounded Eridani. The event managed to unlock Lauren’s potential as a paladin, and she spent the rest of the day learning the basics of her powers. In the meantime, Sprocket was rearranging the Priory library, and Dusan eventually received a report from the Knights-Inquisitor about what Venitor knew about Aloran’s pack, their destination and mission. Simon spent most of the afternoon in interrogation due to the circumstances of the attempt on Lauren’s life.

At sunset, the group met up at the Priory library to discuss Venitor’s information and plan their next move. They agreed to leave the following morning, and spent the evening discussing the details of the attempt on Lauren’s life.

The next day (39 Lifespring), the group began the trip to Thornhaven, a town approximately 40 miles SSW of Phoenix. They slept on the roadside that night, and arrived in Thornhaven a few hours before sunset on the following day (40 Lifespring).

After asking around, the group went to the inn most likely to have information regarding hunting in the area as well as travelers passing through, the Blue Haven Inn. The innkeeper, a retired bard named Bluejay, allowed Lauren to perform on stage, while the group split up to follow a couple of leads. The first lead had Simon, Takeo, and Dusan eventually speaking to Watch Captain Balim Lighthammer, who informed them first of three Beldarians passing through town ten days previous, followed three days later by Aloran and his pack. Both groups had apparently spoken to a pair of retired mercenary twins who lived in town, Elo and Elia Durivinius.

The second lead came to the group at the inn: the mercenary twins. When Simon, Takeo, and Dusan returned, a brief discussion was held on who would be best to talk to mercenaries. In the end, Simon and Dusan mixed into the crowd at the inn while Takeo approached the mercs to speak to them. Within a few minutes of the discussion starting, as pleasantries were finishing, Elo discovered that his greatsword had been stolen by Sprocket, who was now running out of the inn. Elo charged after Sprocket; seeing this, Simon cast Expeditious Retreat and ran after Sprocket as well. Sprocket led Elo on a chase around town, eventually setting the sword aside. Simon managed to get to the sword first, and attempted to bribe Elo to forget about the incident.

In the meantime, Elia had revealed some important information to Takeo. She had recommended the Beldarians to make their way to Larecan, where an archmage was openly recruiting an army (information new to the group). When Aloran and his pack arrived three days later, she had given them information on where the Beldarians were likely headed. She also relayed that the Exalted State of Trigonum was falling into chaos, due to the inattention of both its Lord Knight and its Duke.

Most of the group (sans Sprocket) met up after Takeo finished his discussion with Elia. They did some quick math and determined that there was no feasible way to catch up to or cut off either the Beldarians or Aloran’s pack before they left Ashwick jurisdiction, where their writ ended. They decided to stay the night at the Blue Haven Inn.

That evening at midnight, Dusan received a vision. His interpretation of its urgency may have come too late, as the conscious party members (Dusan and Takeo) now face the gaping void of potentiality, an event so horrible that Scott wouldn’t give either of us the details, leaving the players to imagine the worst.

Will the group make it through the night? Or will their actions the previous day have been the final straw of FAIL that broke the metaphorical camel’s back? Will they be able to return to Metropolis, and continue their never-ending crusade for Truth, Justice, and The American Way?

Tune in next time for Episode 7: “Blind-sided by FAIL!”


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