Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 42 (Western Team)

On making it past the border into Maledictus Petram, Dusan ordered the five mounted mercenaries back to Markess Barony to “keep the roads clear”. Given that it hadn’t been that long since a freaking hydra was seen in that land, his orders weren’t entirely unnecessary. In reality, there was going to be no good way to convince them to stay with the group after the full moon started to rise.

The group found an abandoned farmhouse off the road not far into the border, with a root cellar and sturdy doors, where they would remain for the five nights of the full moon. Just before sunset each night, Thorn surrendered his equipment and allowed himself to be locked into the cellar.

Other than a few close calls, Thorn was kept from harming others or himself during the nights of the full moon. The days were spent resting and instructing Thorn in the ways of the Knighthood.

During the third night, Takeo, Dusan and Derek were attacked by a group of sticky abominations. The abominations finally went down, but not before getting nearly all of the groups’ weapons stuck in their horrible forms. Thankfully, the adhesive substance that made up their bodies became less sticky over time, and the weapons could be reclaimed.

After the nights of the full moon were over, the group decided to make their way to a nearby settlement to get information on the county’s political climate. On the road just before town, a gorgon attacked them, turning most of the horses (and Thorn) into stone. The horses recovered quickly and fled, while Takeo made short work of the creature once it made the mistake of coming within melee range. Dusan hopped on Dragon with Takeo and managed to calm the fleeing horses down and recover them, along with a recovered Thorn.

Session 43 (Northern Party)
Meetings (Northern Party 2)

Simon, previously quite lost, returned to the massacred farm where he had been kept prisoner, the Orcs having long since moved on and rifled through their things until he found papers indicating where he was. East of the Imperial highway and then south of the city of Sybaris. He determined, in disguise, to head that way. But fate had other plans. At the crossroads of the highway, he heard about the attack on his own party from some Guards talking to a gray Dwarf. The Guards were headed north. The Dwarf headed south to hunt Orcs. Originally, Simon meant to join the Guards up North, until he got a Sending from the rest of the party, holed up in the Carollis, a village to the South. Also mentioned a magic book. He switches directions and heads back to the rest of the Party.

He travels with the Dwarf who’s headed to the same village to hunt the same Orcs. When they arrive they discover that the Party has teamed up with Casper, a half-elf bounty hunter who, fortunately, is pretty picky concerning his employers (won’t work with Red Friars, Dalerians, Caethans etc.) and who’s been hitting on the only girl left in the village (ie Wren). Also, turns out there IS an actual magic book, although Simon doesn’t really have time to mess with it.

Simon goes about “healing” (repairing) ARIC while Caiden and Wren finish evacuating the village and organizing the defense, hoping to draw in the Orcs and finish them. The Dwarf is revealed to be a Monk and will join ARIC on the front line.

They set up watch and wait. One night passes. Nothing. Two Nights.
Finally! The Orcs attack. The fight goes differently this time as the Party is prepared and with the addition of the Dwarf and Casper, who prove to be quite able fighters. The Orcs are slain. And their little dog…er warg too.

After a short discussion it is decided to bring the Dwarf, who’s name is now revealed as ‘Cord’ and Casper along. After all, the chances of the Atrethian affair requiring violence are not low…

Session 42 (Northern Team)
That could have gone better...

Simon, Wren, ARIC and Caiden headed out north to Messis Amaro. Night one went well, idle chit-chat, general bonding, all the things adventurers should have. Day two was good, but that evening, dark things were in the works that we had no knowledge of.

That night, orcs bearing the mark of the black hammer. One carried an amulet that glowed and spoke in orcish that Caiden was the target. Their others in place, the trap was sprung. With Simon and Wren asleep, it was up to Caiden and ARIC to defend. Their numbers were far more than us and were able to surround us before we could setup any defenses.

Simon was forced to stay the ground and Wren was able to get up but never got a chance to fire before a dire wolf attacked her and put her on the ground again. Caiden did what he could but ended up having to get pushed back just to stay alive. ARIC fought hard and was able to wound a great many of them, but they swarmed him fast.

Wren and Simon took far to many blows, and the last thing Caiden saw was the meaty arms of the orcs hacking away at his friends. Thinking them dead, he got on his horse and ran for it. The shock of it all preventing him from coming to terms with what actually happened.

With a dire wolf at the heels of his horse, Caiden rode until the sun came up. Luckily the wolf left him alone after some time, but it still left him quite alone.

While Caiden ran, Wren yet lived and Bratirion was able to call out to ARIC to let him know. Forgoing any further attacks, ARIC ran to her, picked her up, and ran.

Simon, also somehow still alive, was taken captive by the orcs. After waking, being questioned, and managing to get more information from them then they did of him, Simon made his escape.

Caiden found himself alone but knew he had to make sure the outcome of those he swore to protect. He donned the look of a grizzled veteran and found a small farm and asked for the nearest town. One to rest, restock as needed before heading back to the attack site. After sharing a meal with the woman, he was told that Carolis was nearby. After thanking her, he made his way there.

Caiden made it to the town, found a room and relaxed. While eating, he caught word that two strangers made it to town, strangers that sounded like Wren and ARIC. Caiden quickly made his way to the temple and was relieved to find it was indeed them. After bringing Wren back up to full, he breathed a bit easier.

That night, Wren got word from her trainer that Simon was alive. So, for as poorly as it went, at least they all walked away from it…somehow…

[Simon’s version: After being almost killed, Simon was taken prisoner by the Orcs, who thought to use him as a hostage to trade for Caiden, the true target of their attack. After convincing them that he really didn’t know where Caiden had gone (which was true), and completely sabotaging the ransom note that they had him write, thanks to the Orcs being illiterate, Simon got to talking with them.

Turns out the Orcs served one of the Black Dragons in the Blood Plains, and that Something was killing those Black Dragons and taking their power. The black dragons and other powerful denizens were fleeing the terror of the Blood Plains, which explains some of your encounters with black dragons and lizard folk so far into Luminairre. Their own master had been gravely wounded and the Dragons had told them that Caiden was a special healer. It should be noted, however, that the orcs did not say their master was struck down by this terror in the Blood Plains was the source of the dragon’s injury.

Waiting for the Orcs to go out on patrol, Simon used a series of spells (Suggestion, Charm Person, Reduce Person, Cat’s Grace, Fireball and Rope Trick) to escape and started out to find his party again. A final sending from Moira confirmed to him that they were alive, although, as of that moment he didn’t know where he was himself…]

Session 41
Keeping it PC

Eragold 19-20

After Simon returns and informs the party of the state of the siege, they settle down for the evening. Caiden passes out. Dusan contacts Lord Demonbane via sending stone with the current situation. Demonbane’s reply basically states that the Inquisition absolutely cannot take hold of Governor Luminairre-Frostblade.

During first watch, a purple light is seen approaching the campsite. On investigation, the light is from a small group of knights led by Ser Solnus Mantum, one of the officers of the Frostblade forces in Aurenia. He informs the group that the best means of assisting would be to gain the assistance of either Messis Amaro or Maledictus Petram forces in breaking the siege.

Soon after sunrise, Caiden wakes up. He informs the party that there is a fragment of Kal’dan Melir present in Trigonum that is making a bad situation much worse.

The party decides to split up to cover more ground. Caiden, Simon and Wren head north to investigate the situation with Count Atrethian in Messis Amaro, while Dusan, Derek, Takeo, and the remaining mercs head west to speak with Countess Briartame.

Session 40
Daddy Issues

Eragold 13 thru 19

So… things didn’t go so well in Phoenix.

Wren‘s father wanted to see her and (unfortunately) she went. He was convinced she was either being influenced by Bratirion or else she was being tricked by evil Watchers. Either way he called in the Red Friars and turned her over to them. Details of what exactly happened while they had her in custody aren’t clear. However as they were escorting her to be teleported to Westmarch for the next 5 months or more, Simon and ARIC rescued her and they teleported to Ashgate.

Apparently while Wren was in custody Demonbane approached Simon and notified him of Wren’s arrest. Then he gave him resources to make her escape possible and to protect her from the Red Friars after her escape. So when the rest of the party arrived the Red Friars were waiting to see if they knew where she was. Then Simon came to tell them the rest of the story and see if they could still work with Wren. The decision was left to Dusan and because of Demonbane’s involvement and claim that the Red Friars are corrupt there was enough grey area to allow for it.

So Wren and Simon (with ARIC) rejoined the party in disguise as mercenaries. Then we headed for Aurenia, the city under siege to see if they can help. What we found was that Ser Laurenia Luminairre Frostblade had been given temporary governorship by the Lord Knights and is inside the city under siege. The forces surrounding belong to Blackhammer and the Righted Scales. There’s no way in. The group is a distance away waiting for Simon to report.

Session 39
Let's split the party!

Eragold 11-15

So the plan was for Simon to accompany Sprocket back to Phoenix, but then Sprocket and Wren talked… and he freaked out and took off. So Wren and Simon went after him, telling the party that they would catch up as soon as possible. Worst case scenario they’d head back to Phoenix and teleport to Trigonum. It took all day and exhausted Wren’s horse, but they eventually caught him. He was with a strange man in a rainbow colored cloak (probably fey??). They stayed up all night and in the end Sprocket stayed with the man.

Simon and Wren were too far away to catch up with the party so they headed for Phoenix. The second night they were sleeping in a rope trick during a thunderstorm when the egg finally hatched… meet ARIC. We left Simon, Wren and Aric as they arrived in Phoenix.

The other 1/2 of the party continued on to Trigonum. They were slowed down by rain. They fought giant centipedes as they arrived.

Session 38
The more we know...

Eragold 7 through Eragold 10

The party continued to wait for Lord Petitioner Demonbane to return to Phoenix. On the 7th Dusan invited everyone out to Deril Manor for dinner. There he revealed the secret he’s been keeping. Dusan’s grandfather, Baron Drevin Maracek-Ashlight was really Ser Daravin Luminairre, the brother of Emperor Brighton the 27th. Yes, that means that Dusan has a claim to the throne of Luminairre. He has also been told by Moira Brightguard that it would be better if he took the throne instead of a more distant relation. Dusan’s secret is very dangerous. It will make him a target for anyone who doesn’t want anyone on the throne of Luminairre. It will also make him a target for anyone who wants the throne to go to someone else. So the truth will remain a secret for now and the party will do what they can to protect the heir of Luminairre. It should also be noted that Dusan has sponsored a Squire, Thorn Silversmith, who has a secret of his own. He’s an afflicted werewolf. Secrets are so fun!

On the 8th the party received a message from Lord Petitioner Demonbane to meet him at Brackenwood Keep at midnight. The meeting happened and it sounds like everything has gone to hell in Trigonum. There’s too much to summarize here, but suffice to say the politics are complicated and the situation is grim. The party spent the 9th getting ready for the trip and left the morning of the 10th.

That evening, Sprocket rode into camp. Since Sprocket is supposed to be dead, the party is suspicious about whether this is really Sprocket or some sort of a trick or trap. Simon has volunteered to return to Phoenix with him and take him to the Rohmdians. When Wren came back from training she volunteered to join them. Oh good a side quest!

Session 37
Downtime and Hydra Hunting

Eragold 5 thru Eragold 6

The party returned to Phoenix to find out that Lord Demonbane will be returning in a few days to brief everyone, holding up his and Lord Lanternbearer’s part of the “deal” they made with the characters.

The party did the final split on the dragon horde and went shopping for what they could get in town to help them in Trigonem.

Upon reporting to the Warden the next morning, it was discovered that a couple of creatures had escaped a mad wizard’s menagerie and were running rampant in the forests around Phoenix. One of them, a hydra, had been spotted in the forest near Old Hollow. The party eventually tracked down the hydra and laid waste to it before it came close enough to Old Hollow to threaten any of the villagers. (yay!)

Session 36
Hoarding, Accounting and Watchers Oh My!

The great and benevolent Caiden heals up the part as well as Xixor and then camps out for the night warry of other possible traps to get into the dragons hoard. The next day through the assistance of a Water Breathing spell, the party ventures into the dragon’s lair and has a pillaging good time going through coins and other goodies.

After the party laden with their plunder as well as the corpse of the dragon make their way back into the village we spend the night with the Lizardfolk and do some trading as well as trading of stories.

The party then set out to bring the head of the gragon to the ghost who has apparently been tagging along with us the whole time. Also, Wren came down with a bad case of the hops. We don’t blame Klint for this, he is wholey innocent of anything and we would never wish to disparage him in any way and find all of his pranks amusing. So, after a short ride on some Giant Eagles the party finds itself at a clearing with five patches of cleared ground. And then things got surreal. The party was Teleported…glitter in a glass and all up to a very white room with a small green creature. Let’s call them Greens becuase they aren’t Greys and that’s taken anyways.

So, we are lead through this crazy building with no magic running what should be magical stuff including a vomit comet of a “Turbolift” to a large room with a great view…of the moon. That’s right kids, its a moonbase…oh crap. So, up on the raised platform is a swivel chair, and who turns around to say hi? Yep, you guessed it. Klint. /facepalm

Seems there is some great horrible out there in the “planes” and it wants into reality and Ondoron. Klint is charged with, well, making sure they can’t setup a full gate using his “technology” as a last resort. Though apparently its extremely powerful as it could wipe out 60-80% of life on Ondoron if it ends up needing to be used. Crap.

Agaltha is then on hand to present a bow to the party to the person who is to be something of a pivot point for the fight with these “Elders”. Klint and Wren have some words about fate, the stearing of it and why supernatural powers don’t work well against the Elders. All in all a fun conversation I’m sure. After, the party is sworn to secrecy (like they’d believe us anyways) and told to continue to work as we have previously. We are sent back to the village, pick up Xixor and proced on our path back to Phoneix by way of Alaril.

Session 35

As the party made their way through the swamp, they encounter the Saurin’s son, a sorcerer in his own right. He offered to assist by both showing them to the dragon’s lair and helping against the black dragon who ruled over his people.

As they continued to march through the swamp, they were attacked by a druid hiding as a bird in one of the bushes. When he was discovered, he fled the scene swiftly.

Not too long afterwards, the party stumbled across the entirety of the dragon’s guards. Some quick talking by Takeo, the tribe’s new The One, persuaded a few of their company to flee. The remainder moved to attack. Six barbarians, a sorcerer, and the druid from the previous encounter made up the first wave, followed by the Saurin’s sister, a witch. Just as the battle was slowly turning to the party’s favor (through the fantastic healing of Caiden, once again!), the dragon itself descended onto the battlefield.

Simon’s second attempt at dispelling the darkness surrounding the dragon seemed to get some magical assistance from an unknown source, and it left the dragon stunned for long enough for Takeo to tear into it. By the time the dragon had recovered, Dusan had moved to flank the dragon and attacks from the two paladins and the dragon knight swiftly finished the creature.

The party, drained of nearly all of its resources, now attempts to recover from their wounds in the swamp.


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