This section is used to link to current allies, and potential allies the PCs want to recruit.

Current Cohorts

This is the list of cohorts that are currently serving PCs:

Samantha Everglow – Running Caiden’s organization.

Ser Derek Crownguard – Adventuring with party.

Thomas Atretheon – Getting into trouble.

Current Allies

This is the list of major NPC allies that the PCs have recruited thus far:

Ambria Lightheart

Antesignanis Sentinel William “Will” Wolfson

Eliska Maracek-Terenov

Taio Valerian

Lord Halt Wolfson

Lord Balon Demonbane

Lord Lanternbearer

Squire Thorn Silversmith

Serena Fireborn

Warden Saber Voltarus

Allies to Recruit

This is the list of allies that the PCs would like to or that are actively courting for support:

Duke Ashlane

Count Blackhammer

Count Atratheon

Laurenia Luminairre

Sarah Sunblade

Mara Aurelias

Regina Oakshield


Possible though more involved or morally shaky



Metallic Dragon flights – few awake

TienLung Flight of Dragons


Black dragons in Trigonum – Current contact is Agnes

Warpriest of Vadraco – Currently imprissoned


Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle Lord_Telarus